Cowles: A puzzle |

Cowles: A puzzle

Jim Cowles, Breckenridge

I have been wondering about a puzzle that has been bothering me for a while. Who is Obama really? Do we know? What does he stand for and does he really believe in the United States as we know it? What do we know about his early years and who his friends were. Does he want us to lose our status as a world leader, and be just another European country?

Answers to these questions and many others would have been answered if the media had treated him as they would have other candidates. For example, they looked into Romney’s background and found out something he had done in high school. But I have yet to see anything like that about Obama. We have seen school records on Romney, but nothing on Obama. For some reason he has refused to allow anyone to see this material. Why is that? Do we really want a mystery person as our president? Some of you say yes. But, I bet you really do not know why. Except, I suppose, for those who want more “freebees” at the tax payers’ expense. More of the puzzle comes out here. He wrote a book named “Dreams of My Father.” It gives an interesting picture of a man who still looks at whites as colonizers from earlier years. What does that mean? People from all over the world come to this country to have an opportunity for a better life. They come for the opportunity to work hard and achieve success. But it appears from speeches he has made that Obama would rather have people look to the government for a living, rather than to themselves. He does not seem to appreciate self-reliance. What is strange about this is the media tried to ordain Obama as another Kennedy. Yet John Kennedy at his inauguration said to the nation, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country.”

Obama has said that Romney has a war on women. What does that really mean? Romney has said that he does not support abortion. That does not mean that abortion cannot be available, if someone feels it is necessary. The question here is who pays for it. Also, that does not mean that other health services are not available, and, presently, many are already provided free. Planned Parenthood does a lot of the abortions that are done. Since they also do other health checks for women, they say that Romney would take away all health care for women if government subsidies were not continued. Except for abortions no one has ever said that, so does that really make sense? So I ask again, who is Obama? What does he really stand for?

Jim Cowles, Breckenridge

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