Crested Butte ski area operator Mueller discussing sale of operations |

Crested Butte ski area operator Mueller discussing sale of operations

Jason Blevins
The Denver Post

The family that operates Crested Butte Mountain Resort is in discussions with a potential buyer who would take over the Gunnison County ski area.

The Mueller clan won a bidding war to acquire Crested Butte ski area in 2003, besting Roger Staubach’s Dallas-based real-estate investment company. In 2008, Tim and Diane Mueller — as well as their son Ethan and daughter Erica — sold the resort to Florida real-estate investment trust CNL Lifestyle Properties. The family retained a 40-year operating contract to run the resort. The deal gave the Muellers access to long-term, fixed-rate financing for their resort business at a time banks were cutting back on loans.

The Mueller family acquired Crested Butte ski area in 2003, then sold it to a Florida company five years later but still retains operations. (Crested Butte Mountain Resort)

The Muellers were courting a potential buyer of Crested Butte-area real estate that the family owns when that buyer asked to discuss purchasing the ski-area operation, said Erica Mueller, spokeswoman for the ski area.

The discussions include a confidentiality agreement that prohibits discussing the identity of the potential buyer, she said.

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