Best of the Blotter: A year of drugs, drunk diatribes and bad drivers |

Best of the Blotter: A year of drugs, drunk diatribes and bad drivers

Over the last year, Summit County officers responded to hundreds of calls, including intoxicated individuals, DUIs and nonsensical destruction.
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Breckenridge police were dispatched to Mi Casa Mexican Grill on Sept. 7, after a man had left a bag containing a white, powdery substance at the bar. Ten minutes after he left, the man returned to Mi Casa, asking for his “keys,” which he said were worth $300. When an employee did not give the man the bag of powder, which was locked away, he left and police were contacted. Using a test kit, police were able to determine that the powder was, in fact, cocaine. Police did not locate a suspect.


After a man had passed out in the bushes next to the F Lot in Breckenridge, an officer arrived on scene to find a State Patrol trooper talking to him. The man was not able to sit upright and required help to keep from falling over.

The man smelled strongly of alcohol and was not able to provide answers to basic questions. He was unable to tell the officers where he lived or who could take care of him.

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The man was transported to Summit Medical Center for medical clearance and placed in protective custody the night of Oct. 24. While at Summit Medical Center, the man repeatedly shouted, “I love Marvin Gaye” and urinated in his pants.

He was transported to detox but would not cooperate with the staff, so he was transported to the Summit County Jail for an uncooperative detox. When they arrived at the jail, he was polite and cooperative again.


Silverthorne police responded to reports of a barefoot woman running down Highway 6 early the morning of Sept. 1. Police found the woman, soaking wet after she had run through Blue River. The woman was transported to the hospital for medical attention after she told officers she had been on an all-night meth binge.

Honorable mention:

Breckenridge police were dispatched to Main Street near midnight on Dec. 16 after a witness called saying a man was highly intoxicated and possibly on drugs. The caller said the man was last seen near Jefferson Avenue, wearing blue pajama bottoms and flip-flops.

An officer located the man nearby, noting he smelled of alcohol, his pupils were dilated and he had an extremely dry mouth. The man told the officer he had taken LSD a few hours ago and had been drinking.

“I’m tripping balls,” he said, and asked to go to the hospital.

The man was taken to the hospital. He later said had purchased the LSD from his neighbor for $15. After the man spoke to an ER doctor, the officer released the man on a summons, and the man went to voluntary detox.


Silverthorne police officers were dispatched to a hit-and-run accident at Rainbow Drive and Highway 9 on Oct. 15. A witness to the accident said the driver had traveled into the wrong lane, hit another vehicle head-on, backed up and drove away as if nothing happened.

Officers located the driver at a hotel in town. They found the suspect in his room, curled up on the bed in the fetal position, showing clear signs of being under the influence of alcohol.

The man’s BAC was nearly .5 according to a preliminary test, more than six times the legal limit in Colorado. After being cleared at the hospital, the driver was arrested for multiple charges and taken to jail.

Honorable mention:

A man reported a case of criminal mischief to Breckenridge police after one of his tires was punctured while he and his wife went out to lunch. The couple had been driving over Hoosier Pass, when the man said a blue Toyota Camry was driving recklessly behind them at a high speed.

The man said when the Camry tried to pass, he flipped off the driver, who appeared to be in his twenties, and told him to slow down. He said the driver of the Camry became angry and began yelling back at them, “Why did you flip me off?”

The man said the Camry followed them through Blue River into Breckenridge and then into the Tonopah Lot where they parked to go eat. The driver sped through the lot before turning onto Ridge Street.

The couple went into the restaurant, but the husband had a bad feeling and returned to the parking lot to check on his car. He heard a hissing sound as he approached his vehicle and noticed one of his front tires had been punctured. The couple had just bought the tires.

The man thought the driver of the blue Camry may have returned and slashed his tire with a knife.


Police were dispatched to the top of the gondola in Breckenridge for reports of an intoxicated woman on Dec. 12. The woman had been kicked out of the base of Peak 8 for reportedly throwing things at people.

When the officer arrived, the woman was unsteady on her feet and smelled of alcohol. She said she was tired of waiting for the taxi. Earlier, an officer had tried to get her a taxi but she started walking away.

The officer offered to give the woman a ride home in the patrol vehicle, but she became angry and refused. As she was taken to the Summit County Jail for an uncooperative detox, she yelled and kicked, saying she had done nothing wrong and all she did was “dance on one table.”


Silverthorne police caught a car driving recklessly on Aug. 11. When the officer turned on his lights to pull the driver over, she pulled into a parking lot and continued to drive without stopping. Her car finally came to a halt when she reached the end of the parking lot and struck the curb. The woman was charged with a DUI.

Honorable mention:

In an attempt to flee Breckenridge police, a suspect snagged a bike that did not belong to them. The suspect was caught and arrested on July 31.


Breckenridge police were dispatched to Blue River Plaza, with reports of a “belligerently drunk” man yelling and making a scene in the area. The man, who appeared to be in his thirties, had shouted “666, Satan is good, white power,” according to dispatch.

When police arrived on scene, they saw the man asking strangers for high fives. One citizen approached an officer and told him that the man had a knife in his right hand.

The officer then confronted the man, who did not have a knife in his hand and wore black makeup under both eyes.

When the officer asked for his name, he said, “you know my (expletive) name” and began to shout obscenities at people walking by. He also called the officer and sergeant pigs and snorted.

As the officer handcuffed the man and moved him to the patrol vehicle, the man hit his head on the window and shouted “police brutality.” The officer had to restrain the man from trying to hit his head again. When the man was transferred to the Summit County Jail, police confiscated a pocketknife.


The owner of a Breckenridge yo-yo store called police just before 12 p.m. on Nov. 22, when he noticed a window to YoYoLoco had been broken through. The owner checked the cash register before calling and noted no money was missing. He also did not notice anything missing from his store, though one box appeared to be out of place.

The owner told an officer that no one could have left through the door, as both deadbolts had been locked. He said he had left at 6 p.m. the day before and arrived just before 12 p.m. the following day.

The officer noted there was broken glass all over the interior of the store. Just outside of the window, there were footprints in the snow, as well as what appeared to be a broken flowerpot sitting just beneath the window. The cost of the damage was estimated at $1,000.

Honorable mention:

Dillon police officers responded to a trespass in progress in the Corinthian Hills neighborhood on Friday, Oct. 2. A woman had entered a condo and was confronted by the resident, leading to a pushing match.

When police arrived, they discovered the woman was a real estate broker, who had received permission form the management company to show the house. However, the resident was not informed of this. No charges were filed.

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