Bond set at $10,000 for alleged kidnapping out of Summit County |

Bond set at $10,000 for alleged kidnapping out of Summit County

Bond was set at $10,000 for a 25-year-old Dillon man arrested for allegedly kidnapping his 21-month-old son. Joseph Carter was arrested on Dec. 15 and charged with second-degree kidnapping, after he was found with his son in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Per custody terms, Carter was not supposed to leave the county with the child and was supposed to return him to his mother by 9 p.m. The mother called Breckenridge police after her son was not returned the night of Nov. 25, and, when she called Carter, he told her they were headed to South Carolina.

“We had some information that the suspect was headed back to his family back east,” Breckenridge assistant police chief Dennis McLaughlin said.

After sending out some BOLOs (be on the lookouts) to various agencies along the route and keeping track of Carter’s cell phone, police were able to locate him in Indiana.

“Through a combination of the two, we were able to contact the agency out there, and they were able to locate the suspect and ended up arresting him,” McLaughlin said.

Carter’s defense attorney noted that even with a bail bondsman, Carter would not bond out at the current amount. Between the felony arrest and two prior misdemeanor cases, Carter’s bond totals at $15,000.

“There is certainly the concern of flight risk,” Summit County Judge Edward Casias said, referring to Carter’s travel to Indiana.

A bond reduction hearing was set for Wednesday, Jan. 5 at 9:30 a.m.

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