Copper Mountain cat burglars busted by security cameras, police say |

Copper Mountain cat burglars busted by security cameras, police say

Derrick Linzie, 45, was arrested for burglary and then for allegedly trying to smuggle drugs into jail the next day
Courtesy Summit County Sheriff’s Office

A pair of local men allegedly pulled off a pair of burglaries late at night on Aug. 1, but police say they were foiled by security camera footage showing them stealing a rifle and more $450 worth of coins at two locations in the Copper Mountain area.

One of the men, 56-year-old Wendell Ray Perkins, had been nabbed for similar charges in a petty burglary just a month before, and one victim in the August break-ins claimed Perkins had a history of opportunistic theft.

The other suspect, 45-year-old Derrick Linzie, has been arrested 31 times in Colorado since 1997 for various drug crimes, burglaries and parole violations, according to a Colorado Bureau of Investigation report.

Just after 2 a.m. on Aug. 1, police say security camera footage shows Perkins and Linzie use power tools to break into an office at a condominium complex on Copper Road.

Once inside, they allegedly stole an antique rifle worth roughly $1,500, two power drills and about $300 worth of quarters in a bucket, according to an arrest affidavit. The man whose office it was told police that Perkins used to live in the area and had tried to steal things out of the back of his truck before.

On June 30, Perkins was arrested for allegedly stealing hundreds of dollars worth of items from an unlocked apartment near Breckenridge but was busted after security cameras showed him using the victim’s debit card at a convenience store, according to another arrest affidavit.

After burglarizing the office at Copper Mountain, Perkins and Linzie allegedly broke into the lobby of an employee-housing unit. At around 2:54 a.m., police say Linzie is caught on security camera footage using a key or some other tool to open a currency exchange machine and relieve it of around $150 worth of coins.

“It is unclear what Perkins’ part in the burglary (was), but it appears Perkins has the intent to promote or facilitate the commission by aiding Linzie in committing the burglary,” an affidavit reads.

Deputies tracked down Linzie with license plate numbers on a purple Dodge Durango captured in security camera footage, according to an affidavit. They found him at his home in Dillon on Aug. 2, but he denied being involved and said he lent the car to a friend that night.

Linzie consented to a search of his property, which according to the affidavit turned up four power drills and an empty red bucket but not the missing rifle or a large amount of quarters.

He was arrested and charged with theft and second-degree burglary — both felonies — and possession of burglary tools. But according to court documents, his trouble didn’t end there.

The next day, deputies strip-searched him after his first court appearance and claim they found a needle in Linzie’s shoe and seven grams of methamphetamine in a bag folded into an inmate information pamphlet in his pocket.

Linzie was charged with introduction of contraband, drug possession and paraphernalia possession. He has since posted a $5,000 bond for the drug charges and a $7,500 bond for the burglary charges, a jail official said in an email.

Perkins, meanwhile, remained in the Summit County Jail on Tuesday and had not yet posted his $10,000 bond.

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