Democrats winning Colorado early voting, pollsters say |

Democrats winning Colorado early voting, pollsters say

Absentee ballot returns in Colorado are suggesting that Democrats will likely win Colorado handily, according to Republican-leaning polling firm Magellan Strategies.

“Based on our 10 years of experience tracking early and absentee voting in Colorado, it’s very clear that a Democrat wave election is in the making,” the group wrote in a report yesterday.

As of Tuesday morning, 287,854 ballots had been returned, with a total of 118,444 Democratic ballots compared to 94,734 Republicans and 70,690 independents. While there are still two weeks until Election Day that translates to a Democratic lead of 23,710 over Republicans, triple the party’s early voting advantage on Monday.

At this point in 2008, before Barrack Obama won Colorado by nearly 10 points, Democrats had an early voting lead of 2,987 votes. With two weeks left to go in 2012, Republicans held a lead of 11,798 votes but ended up losing Colorado by roughly four percentage points.

By this time in 2012, 41 percent of the vote in Colorado was Republican and 35.4 percent Democratic. This cycle, however, the balance has roughly flipped, with 41 percent Democratic ballots and just short of 33 percent Republican.

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