Firefighters extinguish small blaze near Summit High School |

Firefighters extinguish small blaze near Summit High School

Elise Reuter

Red, White and Blue firefighters extinguished a small grass fire near Summit High School Thursday afternoon. Deputy chief Jay Nelson said they suspect the blaze was sparked by a downed power line in the area.

He said the fire started around 12:30 p.m., when Summit County Ambulance was the first to arrive to the scene, helping control the blaze with a fire extinguisher.

"We got a quick jump on it to get it extinguished," he said. "The ambulance services with their fire extinguishers really helped contain it and keep it from spreading further."

The recent spike in temperature, combined with a dry and windy afternoon continued to raise fire danger.

"When we get winds and warmth, it starts to dry out," Nelson said.

As of Friday, wildfire danger has been raised from "moderate" to "high," due to low relative humidity and recent winds which have dried out the valley floors, Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue chief Jeff Berino wrote.

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As July brings in more consistent rainstorms, danger may be reduced to moderate levels.

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