Former Breckenridge man accused of felony sexual assault |

Former Breckenridge man accused of felony sexual assault

Jack Queen

A man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Breckenridge earlier this year was in court on Monday, Dec. 2, where his attorney argued for more access to phone and bank records, a possible indication that he will try his luck before a jury in February.

Christopher Jay Gann, 28, was charged with sexual assault, a class-four felony, for allegedly assaulting the woman in his car while she was blacked out. His arrest stemmed from a lengthy investigation during which police say they matched Gann’s DNA to a stain found on the alleged victim’s shirt.

Police claim that after they started questioning Gann, he disconnected his cell phone, deactivated his Facebook account and ditched his car in a parking lot. He was arrested in Oregon and extradited over the summer. His public defenders deny that he was fleeing the police.

Memory lapses and the haze of alcohol make it difficult to parse what exactly happened on the night of Jan. 29, including the roughly eight hours the alleged victim can’t remember before she woke up in the front seat of Gann’s car with no pants on.

Gann, the alleged victim and her partner were all staying at the home of a mutual friend in Breckenridge in the days leading up to the alleged assault, according to court documents.

On the afternoon of Jan. 29, the friend made a smoothie for the woman and was “adamant” that she drink it, saying it would help with the woman’s medical problems.

She drank about half of it and poured the rest out. It is unclear from the documents whether or not police believe the smoothie was drugged.

The woman told police that Gann pressured her throughout the day to drink alcohol with him, and she estimated that she had about five sips of liquor with him. She blacked out by around 7 p.m. and didn’t remember anything until waking up in the car at around 3 a.m.

At 8 p.m., the woman had failed to pick up her partner from work, which was highly unusual for her. The partner went to the house at around 9 p.m., and the friend started “ranting” about how the woman drank a fifth of whiskey and passed out, according to the documents.

After waking up alone in the car, the woman went inside the house to try and figure out what happened, but neither Gann nor the other friend had much information to offer. Gann was in his bed and appeared drunk.

The woman eventually found her clothes, phone and handgun in the car. She told police that she felt like she was “walking under water” and “like she had just woken up from surgery.”

Suspecting that Gann, the friend or both had assaulted her, she went to St. Anthony Summit Medical Center to be examined by a forensic nurse. Investigators confirmed that a stain found on her shirt was semen and eventually matched it with DNA found on Gann’s dog leash, according to the documents.

On Feb. 9, an investigator with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office contacted Gann at the home in Breckenridge. He told the investigator that the woman “got drunk and was running around naked” on the night in question.

Investigators returned to the house in March after getting DNA test results back. They spoke to the friend, who initially refused to give a DNA sample, saying he was going to have a meeting with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to “figure this out.” He eventually agreed to provide a sample but was later found to not be a match.

At that point, Gann was no longer at the home. The friend said that Gann was apparently having trouble with the title for his car and had abandoned it in a parking lot.

Gann, who appeared in court on Monday in custody, is set for another appearance on Dec. 28. His trial is set to begin Feb. 8. If convicted, he could face four to 12 years in prison.

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