Summit County police blotter: A Cajun getaway on the slopes at Breckenridge |

Summit County police blotter: A Cajun getaway on the slopes at Breckenridge

Jack Queen

On the afternoon of Friday, Dec. 30, police were dispatched to Breckenridge Ski Resort for a reported ski pass fraud. Resort security told police that two suspects, a man and woman, had been waiting in the lift line together. The woman appeared to be in her early twenties, but when her pass was scanned it appeared to belong to a woman in her fifties.

When pressed on the discrepancy, the woman could not explain it. The man left the lift line and called for the woman to come with him, but security followed them to the parking area near the Beaver Run Conference Center.

The lot’s security gate was down as they tried to leave in a Range Rover with Louisiana plates, so the male driver jumped the curb, taking out several traffic cones.

Police ran the possible license plate but it came back as unregistered in Louisiana. The case was inactivated due to lack of suspect information.

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Passenger joins his driver in jail

Breckenridge police were dispatched to assist the Summit County Sheriff’s Office with a possible DUI stop at around 2 a.m. on Christmas Eve. As the driver was being placed into custody, the passenger was agitated and refused to get out of the car.

Police told him hat the car was going to be towed and asked the man if he would like a courtesy ride, to which he responded, “No, I’ll sit right here.” The man then insisted he be allowed to speak with the driver, and police obliged, allowing them to talk through a cracked window of a patrol vehicle.

He then began to grab the top of the window and would no comply when officers told him to step back. He was arrested and transported to the Summit County Jail without incident.

Plow problems

A Breckenridge man filed a report last month saying he saw a town road grader drive by his parked car on Airport Road for snow removal. He said the grader had thrown up “a bunch of snow and ice, covering his vehicle.”

The man reported that he then washed his vehicle and noticed dings and scratches that he believed were caused by the grader. He went to the public works department, where he was told to file a police report.

An officer took photos of the damage but was unable to determine if it had been caused by the grader. The case was inactivated.

On Dec. 30 at around 6:30 a.m., an employee at the Breckenridge Transfer Station reported that a window there had been smashed. Police reviewed surveillance footage and did not see anyone inside or outside of the building when the window broke but noted that large snow removal equipment had been working nearby at the time.

On Jan. 5, a man reported to dispatchers that a plow driver had hit him with a shovel and was being verbally abusive toward him. The driver was last seen heading west, and the sheriff’s office responded to the call.

Rude awakening

Breckenridge police responded to a report of a suspicious woman at around 9 p.m. on Dec. 23. She was found sitting on the sidewalk, unresponsive. She appeared to be highly intoxicated and was unable to stand on her own when roused.

When the officer and paramedics asked her questions, she responded with profane insults. She did the same to hospital staff after being transported to the St. Anthony’s Summit Medical Center in Frisco.

There, she was medically cleared for jail but began to “deadweight” and kick her legs as officers and security personal attempted to pull her out her hospital bed.

She was handcuffed and taken to the Summit County Jail for uncooperative detox.

It can happen anywhere

On Dec. 26, a woman reported that her skis had been stolen in Breckenridge after she left them unattended outside of a locker for about an hour. She had locked her son’s skis inside the locker, but not hers because she did not think people in Breckenridge stole skis.

There were no active leads, and the case was inactivated.

Spreading holiday cheer

Around Christmas time, Silverthorne police officer contacted a man who was crying uncontrollably near the Silverthorne Pavilion. The officer asked the man if he needed any help, to which he responded that he has “some issues and uses a lot of marijuana.”

He was very upset about a family matter. After the officer determined that he wasn’t going to harm himself, he asked the man if there was anything else he could do for him.

The man responded, “I just need a hug.” In the spirit of Christmas, the officer gave him one.

Compiled from police reports and scanner activity

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