Summit County police blotter: A post-election roundup of politically motivated vandalism |

Summit County police blotter: A post-election roundup of politically motivated vandalism

Late last month at around 9:45 p.m., an unknown person threw a rock through a window of a Frisco home that had signs in the yard for Democratic candidates. Upon inspection, the rock had “PEPE” written on it, presumably a reference to “Pepe the frog,” a popular internet meme for years that has recently been appropriated by online white nationalists and anti-Semites during the 2016 election cycle.

Police unsuccessfully dusted the rock for fingerprints and the case was closed due to a lack of suspect information.

A week later, the same home reported that an object had been thrown at their window but didn’t break it, and that their Clinton/Kaine campaign sign had been uprooted. The Summit County Republicans, who were headquartered in downtown Frisco, reported their Trump signs were being uprooted at night in the run-up to the election.

After the election, on the morning of Nov. 12, a Breckenridge man reported to Summit County Sheriff’s deputies that his house had been targeted with profane, pro-Trump chalk graffiti and phallic symbols.

The man did not have any political signage in his yard and did not know why only his house appeared to be targeted, although he noted that he was concerned “about the current political climate” because he had two African-American children living at his home.

The man washed the chalk from the street and the case was closed due to a lack of suspect information.

‘Have it your way’ — or don’t

Earlier this month at a Silverthorne Burger King, a woman in the drive-thru lane cut off a male driver, causing a minor collision with no damage to either vehicle. Both parties, however, exited their cars and got into an altercation, prompting a female passenger in the man’s car to get out and throw a cup of coffee on the other driver.

While officers were getting that situation under control, they were informed that another person in the same drive-through was having a seizure. Officers tried to secure the vehicle so the man could be taken to the hospital but couldn’t roll the windows up, so they located his mother and brought her to the scene. She checked on her son, who was in the back of the ambulance, and then inquired about the status of her order because she had been expecting him to return home with burgers.

Officers advised her to ask the management. The woman who had thrown the coffee was released with a warning.

Refuse to lose

Officers were dispatched to the Motherloaded Tavern in Breckenridge just before midnight on Halloween to reports of a fight in progress. When they arrived, the bar’s bouncer was in a shoving match with a man wearing orange overalls.

After police had broken up the scuffle, the bouncer told them he had kicked the man in the overalls out along with two or three others after they had gotten into a fight near the band area inside the bar. The man in the overalls reportedly “got in his face” and became aggressive when the bouncer wouldn’t let him back in to pay his tab.

Police wrote the man in the overalls repeatedly said “I do not agree to these charges” while having a court summons explained to him. He wrote, “REFUSE” on the defendant’s signature line and was released.

Bark at the moon

At around 1 a.m. on Monday, Breckenridge police were dispatched to a home on Flintstone Lane where someone reported dogs were barking on a nearby roof and that this had been an ongoing issue.

Officers went to a nearby house where there were two dogs on the roof barking who came down to greet them enthusiastically, still barking. The owner of the house had been warned on consecutive nights about the barking, and he reportedly told officers that he knew he was getting a ticket this time.

Compiled from police reports

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