Summit County police blotter: BB gun-wielding biker has soft spot for a kitten |

Summit County police blotter: BB gun-wielding biker has soft spot for a kitten

Jack Queen

Sheriff’s deputies responded early in the morning last month to a report of a man on the side of the road on North Highway 9 who had climbed into a front-end loader and a paver and was turning on the vehicles’ hazard lights.

He told responding deputies that his motorcycle had broken down and that he was trying to signal passing vehicles to stop and give him a ride to Kremmling. The man told the deputies he had a knife under his protective motorcycle clothing but refused a pat down, so deputies took him to the ground and found two pocketknives and a pellet gun on his person.

The man told deputies that he had waved the pellet gun menacingly at drivers the day before “to let them know not to mess with (him).” He was booked into the Summit County Jail and charged with menacing, trespassing and resisting a pat-down.

He was released on bond but soon started making trouble again, according to an arrest affidavit. In early October, police found a BB gun in the driveway of a rental unit in Frisco while responding to a trespass call. There was no one inside, but officers did find a black kitten, reportedly named “Squeaky,” that had been stolen from a Petco in Dillon the day before.

Security camera footage showed the same man tucking the kitten into his jacket and walking out the door. He left his phone at the store, however, and soon returned for it, whereupon he was confronted about the kitten. He refused to give it back but offered to pay the $100 it was worth.

An employee reportedly told him, “That’s not how it works.” He left the store without his phone and didn’t give the cat back. He was later arrested and charged with burglary, theft and violation of bond conditions.

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