Summit County police blotter: Dinosaur statue cracks Breckenridge mineral store |

Summit County police blotter: Dinosaur statue cracks Breckenridge mineral store

A dinosaur statue was discovered leaning against a cracked window outside of a Breckenridge mineral and science store. No suspect was found.
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A dinosaur statue broke a storefront on Main Street in Breckenridge on the evening of Jan. 4. An officer was dispatched to Nature’s Own, a science and nature store, after a man called police.

The officer arrived and saw the dinosaur statue leaning against the store’s front window, which was cracked in many places. The statute did not appear to be damaged.

The man said he had talked to a group of 20 college-aged individuals outside of the store, who said the suspect had run away before they left. Shortly after, the owner arrived to board up the window.


Officers were dispatched to a Breckenridge home for a trespass in progress around 2:45 a.m. on Jan. 2. The homeowner called, saying someone had been knocking on his door for 10 minutes, and he did not want to go outside. He was able to identify a woman wearing blue pants and a black hat.

Shortly after, the officer arrived at the home and saw a car parked in the driveway with its headlights on. He saw a woman who matched the description, who tried to get into the passenger seat of his patrol car.

The woman appeared very confused when he asked her to stand outside. She said she was going home.

When the officer asked her if she lived in Breckenridge, she responded, “No, this is Breckenridge?”

She reached into her coat pocket to provide her driver’s license for identification, and an oval pill fell out of her hand. The officer asked her if she was taking any medication. She said no, and did not know what the pill was because the jacket was not hers.

She emptied the pockets and placed the contents on the hood of the car, including two other unidentified pills.

The woman continued to act confused, possibly under the influence. After taking a Breathalyzer test, the officer suggested going to the hospital’s detox facility since she could not remember where she was staying. After she was able to get her friend’s address, the officer called a cab to drive her over.

When the officer asked her about the pills again, she said she didn’t know what they were, and a friend had given them to her for altitude sickness.

After the woman left in the cab, the officer took the three pills to the police department for identification. One was identified as a dietary supplement, and the other two were Eclipse mints.


Police were dispatched to a Breckenridge gas station the evening of Jan. 3 after an employee said an unidentified man had thrown three cans of Red Bull at the back wall of cigarettes behind the cash register. The employee said the man had driven into the parking lot playing loud music and then walked into the store to buy a cigarette lighter.

After asking the man to turn down his music, he became irate, and stormed out of the gas station. Five minutes later, he returned and put a five-dollar bill on the counter, grabbed three red bull cans and began throwing them toward the employee, shouting what the employee described as “Jamaican obscenities.” He then left.


The morning of Jan. 5 an officer was dispatched to Grand Lodge in Breckenridge for a report of criminal mischief. An officer spoke with a manager, who said two men had taken a couch cushion from their unit and used it to sled down the mountain.

The cushion didn’t look damaged, so the man assumed security had taken it before it was used.

The following night, he said the men had taken one of the bell carts and pushed it down the stair well.

The officer knocked on the door, and a man answered. He went to find the two friends who has pushed the cart down the stairwell. The man’s mother came and apologized for her son’s friends’ behavior, adding that the two men would no longer be staying with them.

The two men apologized, and said the cushion was not the one that they had tried to use for sledding. He said the security guard gave it to them and told them to go back to their unit, but no cushion was missing from the couch.

He also said the bell cart they had pushed down the stairs was back with the other carts. He noted one of the wheels was damaged, but did not note any other damage.

They gave the officer their contact information before they were asked to pack up and leave.


Two Beaver Run Resort guests notified security that their laundry had been stolen out of one of the resort’s dryers. Security camera footage showed a woman with large amounts of clothing inside trash bags leaving the location of the resort’s Laundromat.

About $790 worth of clothing was reported stolen, including an REI pullover, underwear, ski socks, Under Armor leggings and shirts, a North Face jacket and pajamas.


Just before midnight on Jan. 3, officers came upon a man stumbling up Ski Hill Road, almost walking into the road. The man was heavily intoxicated, not dressed for cold weather. The man said he was headed home, but was walking in the opposite direction of his home.

The officer tried to get the man to take a Breathalyzer, but the man blew inadequately into the device multiple times. He was taken to Summit Medical Center to be cleared by a physician, and said his left ankle hurt. He was given a brace for a sprained ankle, before he was placed in protective custody.

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