Summit County police blotter: Drug suspect charged with vehicle theft after running into victim in jail |

Summit County police blotter: Drug suspect charged with vehicle theft after running into victim in jail

Jack Queen

A man arrested for drug possession was hit with additional charges after he ran into the owner of the truck he was driving in the Summit County Jail.

The man was pulled over at around 2 a.m. on Dec. 30 near Frisco for a cracked windshield. He told a sheriff’s deputy that the truck belonged to his friend, who had recently been arrested, and he was driving it home for him.

The deputy ran the man’s license and found it was suspended. Before issuing a summons, he asked the man if he could search the vehicle, and the man consented.

A drug-sniffing dog helped turn up a jar containing about 7 grams of meth and a pipe, some empty plastic baggies, rubber gloves and a scale in the center console.

Deputies arrested the man, charging him with drug possession with attempt to distribute and lesser charges.

About five days later, an inmate in the jail told deputies that the truck belonged to him and he had never given his friend permission to drive it because he knew he had a suspended license.

The inmate told deputies he didn’t know his friend was driving the truck until he ran into him in the jail. Deputies added aggravated motor vehicle theft and violation of bond conditions to the friend’s charges.

“Menace to society” requests arrest

At around 4 a.m. on New Year’s Day, a sheriff’s deputy observed a sports car traveling northbound in the southbound lane of Highway 9 near Breckenridge and pulled the driver over.

The driver said that he was a “menace to society and needed to be arrested.” He had been at a bar in Breckenridge where he had seven drinks before getting in a argument with a friend.

The man said he decided to leave in his car, which he admitted was a mistake. He thanked the deputy for stopping him and asked to be taken to jail. The deputy obliged.

At the jail, his blood alcohol content registered at 0.138. He was charged with driving under the influence, careless driving and failure to drive as required on a divided highway.

Forest fugitive plays name games

A Forest Service law enforcement officer contacted sheriff’s deputies on Jan. 7 on suspicion that a man she contacted in the woods near the Mesa Cortina trailhead had given her a false name and was actually a man wanted on felony charges in Wisconsin.

Deputies found the man nearby, and he told them he had already spoken to the Forest Service officer and had agreed to move his camp. The man again gave a false name and said he was from either Wisconsin or Ohio.

The deputies confronted him with what they believed was his real name. He replied, “Can I have a cigarette before we go?”

During a pat down, deputies found an ID card in his pocket confirming that he was the man wanted in Wisconsin for felony property damage. He was arrested and charged with criminal impersonation and obstruction of a peace officer.

The deputies did not let him smoke the cigarette.

Man wrecks locker in rec center

A Breckenridge police officer was dispatched to the recreation center on Jan. 6 on a report of a man who was using bolt cutters to cut off his locker padlock and damaging the locker’s metal clasp in the process.

On scene, a rec center employee told the officer that the man was using the bolt cutters because he forgot his combination. Since he had a military-grade lock, however, the bolt cutters were ineffective and causing damage.

As the man was leaving the facility, the employee told him he would need to pay $10 to cover the damage. The man accused the employee of being racist and said he would need to contact his lawyer before making any payment higher than $5.

Employees told police that the man was known for using racist and misogynistic language. They also claimed he told them he was “going on the warpath” because of how he was treated while trying to remove the lock.

The case remained open pending contact with the suspect.

Compiled from police reports

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