Summit County police blotter: Dude, who keyed my car? |

Summit County police blotter: Dude, who keyed my car?

A Breckenridge man contacted police after he noticed his car had been keyed while he was at the post office.
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Breckenridge police responded to criminal mischief reports on Tuesday, October 20, at the U.S. Postal Service on Ridge Street. The man told an officer that he went into the post office to pick up a package, and when he returned to his car, he noticed it had been keyed.

The man thought that his car might have been keyed by someone he got into an accident with last month; he thought the other man would be mad if he hadn’t gotten his insurance money.

When police contacted the man who had been involved in the accident, he said he had been in Dillon the morning of October 20, and that he had been staying with a friend and was “kinda hungover all day.”

When the officer mentioned the damaged car, the man said he would never do something like that, especially in front of his work.


Silverthorne police officers were dispatched to a hit-and-run accident at Rainbow Drive and Highway 9 on October 15. A witness to the accident called police, saying the driver had traveled into the wrong lane, hit another vehicle head-on, backed up and drove away as if nothing happened.

Officers located the driver at a hotel in town. They found the suspect in his room, curled up on the bed in the fetal position, showing clear signs of being under the influence of alcohol.

The man’s BAC was nearly .5 according to a preliminary test, more than six times the legal limit in Colorado. After being cleared at the hospital, the driver was arrested for multiple charges and taken to jail.


Breckenridge police were dispatched to reports of an intoxicated man in a field near Wells Fargo Bank on October 20. When police arrived, they saw one man trying to pull another man off the ground, telling him to get up because the police were there.

The man who was lying on the ground was barely able to speak and could not stand up without help. An officer rolled the man onto his back as they waited for medics to arrive. The officer later transported the man to Summit Medical Center and put him into protective custody.

The man’s friend claimed an abrasion on his face was from being beat up by a convenience store clerk; however, the friend did not witness this incident. The intoxicated man said he had been beaten up for no reason.


Three Breckenridge police officers were on foot patrol at the Breckenridge Terrace Apartments on October 15, when one of them found a man sleeping in a laundry room. He was sleeping in a sleeping bag, and had a large backpack with him. His bicycle was just outside of the room.

The man told the officer that he was at the apartment complex for a party, but could not give a name or apartment number for the party. After he was informed he was trespassing, the man said he was staying there because it was cold outside.

The man was issued a court summons for trespassing and was told to leave the property.

In the same apartment complex, another officer found two men inside of a different laundry room. The two men were set up to spend the night in the warm room. One of them had been drinking, but was still able to stand up without assistance.

The laundry room had a posted sign that said it was closed at 11 p.m. Temperatures outside were in the 30s. When both men were issued a citation for trespassing, they said they would return to their camp in the woods to sleep.

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