Summit County police blotter: Egg mistaken for knife in Breckenridge |

Summit County police blotter: Egg mistaken for knife in Breckenridge

Jack Queen

Breckenridge police received a report at around 2:30 a.m. last Saturday from a person who said a knife had been thrown at a car while its occupants were getting dropped off at their apartment. The reporting party said the other occupants were now on foot searching for the culprit.

An officer responded to the scene and spoke to a man who was the designated driver for the night. He said that, contrary to the initial report, the thud they heard on the roof of the car was just an egg.

The case was closed due to lack of suspect information.

Extreme Jenga

Police were called to a home in Breckenridge where the owner said the patrons of a nearby hotel bar were too loud and were harassing him, yelling at him to “go and buy another f***** house you f***** yuppie a******.”

The reporting party invited the officer into his home and said the handful of people on the patio of the hotel were registering too high on his decibel meter phone app. He also complained that the oversized Jenga game they were playing was too loud.

The officer then went to the bar and unsuccessfully searched for the man who had allegedly been shouting obscenities. He spoke to hotel staff, who said their sound measurements showed them to be in compliance with town code and that they had removed the Jenga game.

Dispatch received two more calls from the reporting party that night, but both times the responding officer measured the sound and found it to be acceptable. The individual also said that there were large groups of intoxicated people that were “harassing” him and were leaving empty cans on his retaining wall.

An officer removed a Red Bull can from the wall and disposed of it. The case was cleared.

Compiled from police reports

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