Summit County police blotter: In Breckenridge, when you gotta go, you gotta go |

Summit County police blotter: In Breckenridge, when you gotta go, you gotta go

Jack Queen

Breckenridge police officers on patrol late at night last weekend came across a woman lying down on the sidewalk as her male companion was trying to help her up. The two were heavily intoxicated, and told officers they had been out at the bars and were walking home.

The two provided IDs, but the woman’s turned out to be a fake. Officers took the two back to their house but couldn’t draw up a summons without the woman’s real birthdate, which she would not provide. Her friend went inside to retrieve her real ID, and while he was gone, the woman walked around to the side of the patrol car, dropped her pants and, while holding the door handle of the car for balance, urinated in the street.

Silverthorne’s hot new lunch spot

A Silverthorne man told police that he had seen some human flesh near Stephens Way and Fashion Lane and suspected that two locals, known by their nicknames “Gandalf” and “The Professor,” were engaged in cannibalism there.

Upon investigation, officers found no human flesh or other signs of suspicious activity, although there was an old homeless camp there that they broke down and cleaned up.

Higher love

Silverthorne police were dispatched late last month to a convenience store where a woman had dropped off a man who said he was not from this world. An officer located the man in the parking lot. While talking to the officer, the man was repeatedly sticking out his tongue and rubbing different parts of his body. When asked for an ID, the man produced a credit card.

He told the officer that he had just been in a crash on I-70 after “the radio waves went through me and I knew what I needed to know.” He also said he was in town to see his grandmother who is “buried underneath” although he “keeps seeing her bones.”

The man was taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. There, it was determined that he was likely high on ecstasy.

The tax man prefers iTunes cards

A Silverthorne couple got a call from a woman claiming to be with the IRS who said they owed $9,000 in taxes and that they would be arrested if they didn’t pay immediately. The woman on the phone instructed them to go to Target or Walgreens and purchase gift cards to use as payment while she remained on the line.

After the couple gave the woman on the phone the gift card numbers, they grew suspicious and contacted the police. A responding officer spoke with the woman on the phone, and she gave it to a man with a Middle Eastern accent who tried to intimidate the officer and asked him why he was scared. The officer hung up and blocked the number.

A day earlier, another Silverthorne woman had fallen victim to the same scam and purchased two $500 gift cards, one for iTunes and another for Wal-Mart, from a 7-Eleven in Frisco. She was able to cancel one, but the thieves had already spent the other.

Police are advising the public that the IRS does not solicit payment in the form of gift cards.

Asleep at the wheel

Sheriff’s deputies were advised last Thursday that a vehicle stolen in Denver had been GPS tracked to a Vail Pass rest stop. There, they found a man sleeping in the driver’s seat with the radio on.

Deputies immediately arrested him after he groggily got out of the car and couldn’t produce an ID. He gave a false name but was correctly identified at the county jail by his fingerprints, and deputies discovered he had an extradition warrant from Louisiana for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

He was charged with 2nd degree motor vehicle theft and false reporting.

Compiled from police reports and arrest affidavits.

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