Summit County police blotter: Keystone bike beat down |

Summit County police blotter: Keystone bike beat down

At 8:30 a.m. Friday, Nov. 29, Summit County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the parking lot of Sunrise Condominiums in Keystone for a report of an assault.

The victim, a man, told deputies he believed a neighbor stole his bicycle in September, but could never prove it. When he was leaving home that morning, the victim said the man he suspected of stealing his bicycle harassed him by yelling profanities.

The victim continued to walk to his car and got inside. As he was backing out of his parking space he thought he heard someone hit his car, reports stated.

When the victim got out of his car, he told deputies that the suspect was approaching him and pinned him against his vehicle.

The victim then hit the suspect and the two went to the ground fighting. The victim told deputies he sustained minor injuries as a result of the fight and wanted to pursue assault charges against his neighbor.

When asked for his side of the story, the suspect said the victim instigated the fight by accusing him of stealing the victim’s bike. The suspect confronted the victim about it and they ended up going to the ground, reports stated.

The suspect also said the victim choked him around the neck. Although there was evidence of a choking, as the interview was ending the suspect said the victim was nothing more than a 40-year-old man who needed a beating, according to reports.

The suspect was issued a summons for simple assault and was advised by property managers not to return to Vail Resorts’ properties.

Snowstorm DUI

At 10:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 16, Summit County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a report of a truck that had run off Colorado Highway 9 near milepost 84 in Summit County.

It was dark and snowing when deputies arrived on scene, according to reports. The truck was in a ditch, but was running and the brake lights were illuminated.

Deputies first determined whether the driver was okay, which he was, and then asked if the man had called for a tow truck. The man responded that he had, then immediately said he hadn’t, police reports stated.

Believing the man might be impaired due to his answers, deputies asked if the driver had been drinking. He replied that he had “a few beers,” according to reports. When asked if he was too impaired to drive, the man responded, “yes, sir.”

As the first responding deputy waited for backup, he inspected the truck and determined it had sustained front bumper damage. A red liquid also was leaking from the engine compartment, according to reports.

Once backup arrived, deputies asked the driver to perform voluntary roadside maneuvers. When the man exited his truck he immediately fell to the ground and apologized to the deputies, reports stated.

Deputies asked the man to perform three tests, including a horizontal gaze nystagmus test, a walk and turn test and a one-leg stand test. The man was unable to perform the tests consistent with a sober person, reports stated.

The man was placed into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. Deputies photographed the truck and secured the vehicle before transporting the man for booking at Summit County Jail.

Prior to booking, the man agreed to undergo two Breathalyzer tests. The latter of the two returned a blood alcohol content of .155, according to reports.

The man was then booked into Summit County Jail on suspicion of driving under the influence, driving under the influence per se and careless driving.

Afternoon D&D

At 3:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 24, Summit County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately call on Swan Mountain Road.

The suspect vehicle, a Honda Accord, was traveling towards Breckenridge and the reporting party said he would be willing to sign off on the report.

Due to the nearest deputy being in Keystone, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office notified the Breckenridge Police Department of the incident and requested assistance.

While en route, deputies were notified that the Accord had pulled over at Windy Point campground near milepost 3, but when deputies arrived there were no cars in the parking lot. Deputies then drove toward Breckenridge, where Breckenridge Police Department officers identified the vehicle and performed a traffic stop at the Farmer’s Korner gas station.

Breckenridge Police Department officers were in the process of requesting identification, proof of insurance and registration when deputies arrived. The driver, a woman, was slow and lethargic in her responses and had difficulty locating the required documents, according to police records.

It took the woman as long as three minutes to locate her driver’s license and even then she had difficulty removing it from her wallet. Breckenridge Police Department officers offered to help the woman remove her license from her wallet, reports stated.

When asked if she had any medical conditions, the woman responded she was a Type 2 diabetic. Officers requested an ambulance to respond to the scene in case the driver was experiencing a diabetic episode.

When asked where she was traveling, the woman said work. When asked where she worked, the woman just did a “1,000-yard stare,” reports stated, but she was wearing a town of Breckenridge name tag and a Summit Stage “Ride the Free Bus” hat.

Officers asked the woman if she was a bus driver and she replied she was.

Officers asked the woman what type of medications she was taking, and she replied 10 different types. When asked to name them, the woman “just stared through” the officers, reports stated.

Despite the woman’s eyes being bloodshot and glassy and officers smelling the odor of alcohol, the woman said she had not been drinking. She did say it had been several hours since she last ate.

When the ambulance arrived, officers notified medical personnel the woman might be having a diabetic episode. Medical personnel performed an onsite test of the woman’s blood sugar, which was low, but not in critical levels, reports stated.

The woman was asked to enter the ambulance for further evaluation, which she initially declined, reports stated. After being convinced to undergo further medical evaluation, the woman had difficulty walking to the ambulance on her own and at one point asked to hug a responding firefighter, reports stated.

The woman denied treatment in the ambulance, according to reports. EMS technicians said the woman admitted to having “a few drinks” while they were trying to treat her.

Having refused medical attention, officers asked the woman if she would perform voluntary roadside maneuvers. The woman agreed, but asked officers if they would give her a hug first, reports stated.

Officers declined the hug, but requested the woman to perform three tests. She performed the first two tests, not to officer satisfaction, and then refused to perform the third — a walk and turn test — either because of inability or not being able to understand the directions, reports stated.

The woman was placed into custody and transported to Summit County Jail. She was booked on suspicion of weaving and driving under the influence of alcohol.

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