Summit County police blotter: Lover’s quarrel leads to long-distance burglary confession |

Summit County police blotter: Lover’s quarrel leads to long-distance burglary confession

Jack Queen

Early last month, Dillon police received a report of a burglary at a condo, where someone had snuck into a unit during the afternoon and stolen several wallets and purses.

The victim reported that someone had already used his credit cards and was trying to take money out of his bank account. Later, a woman reportedly tried to cash a stolen check in Glenwood Springs.

The case went cold until two weeks later, when police got an anonymous call from an intoxicated man who named a suspect in the burglary. When the man got the suspect on the phone, however, she denied any involvement.

The next day, the man called again and took full responsibility for the burglary. He tried to negotiate terms for surrendering himself at the Dillon Police Department but never showed up.

An officer eventually obtained a picture of the man and woman trying to use the stolen credit cards and was able to confirm their identities. The officer eventually got the two suspects back on the phone, and the woman admitted that she and her boyfriend had been staying in the building and went into the unit to steal the items when they noticed a key still in the lock.

The woman said she and her boyfriend were addicted to methamphetamine, according to police. After the burglary, the couple went to California. The woman met someone else there, prompting the boyfriend to call police and report her as a suspect.

They were arrested in California for local charges and are being charged with nine felonies apiece in Summit County.

Hand to mouth at silverthorne hotel

Silverthorne police reported several incidents at local hotels over the course of spring break.

Last month, a Silverthorne hotel called police to report a trespass, saying there were juveniles in the business center and one of them had fallen asleep while looking at pornography on a computer.

When officers arrived on scene, they found a young man asleep in a computer chair at the business center with his pants around his knees. He was charged with several offenses.

In another incident, officers on routine foot patrol were informed that there were people in the hot tub of a hotel smoking the “devil’s grass.”

In another report, police said that a husband recently staying in Silverthorne ordered food for his whole family except his wife. The two exchanged some “colorful language,” and the woman walked to Chipotle to get food.

The argument continued when the family returned to their hotel. There it was revealed that the husband forgot forks, so the woman started eating food with her hands. That sparked a final altercation that led to the man’s arrest.

Boyfriend takes axe to wall in Dillon Valley

Late last month, a woman reported being shoved during an argument with her on-and-off boyfriend, who had been staying at her apartment in Dillon Valley for several nights.

The woman said that when she got home in the afternoon, she realized she had forgotten her keys and banged on the door until the man came to answer it. The two got into a verbal argument, and the woman told the man to leave her house.

The man became more agitated and shoved her into a bookshelf, the woman later told police. He then began throwing objects and went into the living room, picked up an axe and threw it at the wall.

The woman said the man didn’t threaten her with the axe, but it left a hole in her wall that she guessed would cost $50 to repair. A neighbor who heard the commotion corroborated the woman’s story.

A sheriff’s deputy found the man later that day and questioned him. He denied throwing objects and said the woman was “on drugs.”

He was arrested and charged with third-degree assault, criminal mischief and domestic violence.

-Compiled from police reports

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