Summit County police blotter: Man accuses firefighters of trespassing at scene of fire |

Summit County police blotter: Man accuses firefighters of trespassing at scene of fire

Jack Queen

During a structure fire at the Mill Creek Lodge in Keystone last Saturday, paramedics and firefighters advised Summit County Sheriff’s deputies that a man was yelling obscenities at them from his balcony. He then came out of his house and repeatedly tried to go to the fire scene but was turned away by a firefighter, whom he then threatened multiple times.

When deputies arrived on the scene, the man told them they were trespassing and started yelling at them as well. He was then taken back into his home by another man but soon re-emerged on the balcony and continued to yell before “he finally went back inside and put up both of his middle fingers.”

Deputies were called back five minutes later because the man was again trying to get to the scene of the fire and was being belligerent toward firefighters. He refused to go back into his home and became aggressive with the deputies, who then placed him under arrest.

It took three deputies and a police sergeant to restrain the man. He was charged with obstructing government operations, obstructing a police officer or firefighter and resisting arrest.

Bulls fan a real bully

Police were dispatched to the base of the Breckenridge gondola last Friday at around 2 p.m. to respond to reports of a man in a Chicago Bulls jersey who had become combative with security after being cut off at the bar.

After the man exited the gondola car, officers asked him if they could speak to him in private. He was being uncooperative with police, and when they asked him for identification he said, “Here’s my ID and you can talk to my lawyer for further.”

At that point he became verbally abusive to the Breckenridge resort security staff, who had tried to hot list his pass for the day because he was extremely intoxicated. As he was being handcuffed, he continued to yell homophobic slurs at resort staff and the police.

He was issued a summons for harassment and trespass and was taken to jail for uncooperative detox. His blood alcohol content was measured at 0.224.

They’re not candy

Summit County Sheriff’s deputies conducted a shakedown of the Summit County jail last Thursday after receiving a tip that there was contraband in one of the housing pods.

They strip-searched the inmates and did not find any contraband, but discovered five small pills in a Jolly Rancher wrapper inside one of the bunks. These were matched with anti-psychotic prescription medication for an inmate who slept in a different bunk.

The man whose bunk the pills were found in said the other inmate had been selling them to him after visits to the medication room. The other inmate denied this but was charged with possession and introduction of contraband as well as reckless endangerment.

Going back early

A Summit County Sheriff’s deputy pulled over a man driving a pickup truck in Dillon last Saturday because his front license plate was missing. He was unable to produce identification but gave a name and birth date.

After running the man’s name through the computer system, the deputy was able to pull up a booking photo. He concluded that the man had actually given his brother’s name and birthday because his driver’s license was suspended.

The man told the deputy that he had been arrested in June and had a court date coming up the next week. He was arrested and booked into the County Jail for criminal impersonation, driving with only one license plate, driving under suspension and violation of bond.

Stuck in the snow

Breckenridge police responded Sunday evening to reports of a man who had fallen into a snow bank and become stuck. He then fell while proceeding to walk to the bus station.

There, an officer contacted him and noted that he appeared to be intoxicated. While placing the man in protective custody, the officer found a small bottle of vodka in his coat pocket. The man admitted that he was on probation and was not supposed to be drinking.

He spent the night in detox and was not issued a summons.

packing heat

A woman from Colorado Springs called police last Friday to report that her Glock 43 semi automatic handgun had been stolen out of her car while it was parked at the Brown Hotel in Breckenridge.

She reported that, in addition to the gun, two clips and a box of 9mm hollow-point rounds had been stolen. The gun and ammunition were in a case underneath a duffle bag and snowboard inside the locked car.

The case was filed as inactive due to lack of any leads.

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