Summit County police blotter: Man shouts ‘I love Marvin Gaye,’ pees pants |

Summit County police blotter: Man shouts ‘I love Marvin Gaye,’ pees pants

Summit County police departments responded to several public intoxication incidents last week.
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A Breckenridge Police officer responded to a dispute over a credit card at Jake’s Dive Bar on Oct. 24. The officer met with a man and his girlfriend, who said the bartender would not give him his credit card back.

The man said when he tried to close his tab, the bartender refused to return his card. Two officers entered the bar and noticed the bartender had bloodshot eyes and was slurring his words.

When the officers asked, the bartender denied knowing anything about the card but repeated the statements “What are we doing here, guys?” and “You better do it right.” He knocked over a glass from the bar while speaking to them.

As the officers were waiting for a sergeant to arrive, as they needed to cite the bartender for liquor-code violations, three patrons left the bar and said that he had assaulted them.

One of the men said that following a verbal exchange with the bartender, he came over and pushed the man, who responded by punching the bartender in the face. The two wrestled on the ground before exiting the bar.

The officers asked the bartender about the incident, but his story changed multiple times, and he could not keep the sequence of events together after multiple tries. Both men declined medical treatment.

The bartender received a summons for harassment, intoxicated employee and code of conduct, for failure to conduct the bar in an orderly and respectable manner.


Breckenridge police officers responded to a car accident on French Gulch Road, involving a Toyota Highlander and a street lamp, on Oct. 22. There were no injuries.

The driver said that her car had lost control and slid through the intersection between a street lamp and fire hydrant. Road conditions were noted as wet and snow-covered.

Both sides of the woman’s car were damaged, and the light pole sustained significant damage as well. The light enclosure was torn off, and the base was cracked in multiple places. A residential tree had also been run over, but there was no damage to the fire hydrant.


After a man had passed out in the bushes next to the F Lot in Breckenridge, an officer arrived on scene to find a State Patrol trooper talking to him. The man was not able to hold himself in an upright sitting position and required help to keep from falling over.

The man smelled strongly of alcohol and was not able to provide answers to basic questions. He was unable to tell the officers where he lived or who could take care of him.

The man was transported to Summit Medical Center for medical clearance and placed in protective custody the night of Oct. 24. While at Summit Medical Center, the man repeatedly shouted, “I love Marvin Gaye” and urinated in his pants.

He was transported to detox but would not cooperate with the staff at Summit Safe Haven, so he was transported to the Summit County Jail for an uncooperative detox. When they arrived at the jail, he was polite and cooperative again.


An officer responded to reports of an intoxicated man sleeping on a Summit Stage bus approaching the Breckenridge Transfer Station. A sergeant and an officer approached the man and asked him several times to get up and exit the bus. Finally persuaded, the man stepped outside with help, as he was unsteady and not able to walk without assistance.

An officer attempted to perform a breathalyzer test, but the man was unable to blow into the straw. He was placed in protective custody on Oct. 24 at 8:33 p.m. and transported to Summit Medical Center for medical clearance.

En route to the hospital, the man began to yell and cry. At Summit Safe Haven, the man refused to sign a consent form, laughing hysterically and saying “I’m not going to incriminate myself.”

The officer walked the man back to the patrol car to take him to the Summit County Jail in protective custody. As they walked, the man’s jeans began to fall down, and they had to stop twice to pull them back up.

As they drove to the Summit County Jail, the man yelled “You’re ruining my life,” “I’m gonna kill you” and several expletives.

The officer completed an emergency commitment form for overnight housing at the jail, as the man was incapable of taking care of himself.


A case of vehicle trespass was reported behind Skinny Winter Gifts in Breckenridge, after a man reported that his wife’s keys had been stolen from her white Toyota Tundra. The keys were missing from inside of the car, as well as several CDs described as “older style music.”

The truck had been parked behind the business at 2:30 p.m. on Oct. 26, 2015. The couple returned to the truck at 5:40 p.m., when they noticed the missing items.

There are currently no suspects in the case.

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