Summit County police blotter: Man’s rampage causes $10,000 in damage at hotel |

Summit County police blotter: Man’s rampage causes $10,000 in damage at hotel

A man called Summit County dispatchers eight times on the morning of Aug. 18, “screaming and asking for the numbers for Ft. Lauderdale Police Departments.” Since he seemed very agitated, dispatchers sent a sheriff’s deputy to find him.

While a deputy was en route to the call’s origin, dispatchers advised that another caller had seen someone “smashing windows and pulling down cords” there.

Two deputies entered the building and saw “white foam ceiling tile all over the ground and hanging wires.” There was damage to the ceiling throughout the building, and the deputies found two security cameras lying amongst the debris.

A man in the hotel told the deputies that he saw another man throw a security camera through the building’s front window.

A man in the hotel told the deputies that he saw another man throw a security camera through the building’s front window.

The man was found on the second floor of the building and arrested for criminal mischief. Hotel staff estimated he caused around $10,000 worth of damage.

beer run

At around 2:40 a.m. last weekend, a sheriff’s deputy saw a man walking down the middle of the street in Breckenridge and stopped to talk to him. The man appeared to be highly intoxicated and gave a different answer each time he was asked to provide a physical address.

The deputy and a Breckenridge police officer put the man in protective custody and took him to detox. On the way, the man mentioned that he was a beer distributor.

About an hour-and-a-half later, the Breckenridge officer noticed a car with its engine running, lights on and door wide open in a parking lot. The vehicle was unoccupied and had large pools of liquid under the exhaust pipes, leading the officer to believe it had been running for a long time.

The vehicle was registered to a beer company. Inside, the officer found a cell phone, which he took back to detox along with the keys. There, he confirmed that the items belonged to the man.

Bank bully

On Aug. 28, a man went to his bank in Breckenridge to discuss some discrepancies with his account, but he became verbally abusive when the math didn’t add up to his liking.

A Breckenridge police officer spoke to a bank employee over the phone, who told him that it was the fifth time the man had gotten into an altercation with bank employees over his account balance.

The employee told the officer that the man had agreed to leave but said the he was “going to beat (the employee) up” if he saw him outside of the bank.

The employee said that due to the man’s behavior, the bank would be closing his accounts; however, he wanted the man banned from all of the banks’ branches because he was concerned the man might return in frustration once his card no longer worked.

The officer called the man and left him a voicemail informing him that he was not to return to any of the bank branches. The case was inactivated.

Pointing the finger

A woman said to have thought her gender would prevent her from being arrested for assault got a dose of reality on Aug. 20.

A man in Dillon reported at around 2:30 a.m. on Aug. 20 that his girlfriend had slammed a door on his finger and hit him in the face. A deputy arrived and saw that one of his fingers was injured and that he had marks on his face, so he was taken to the hospital.

By then, the girlfriend had already “fled the scene,” but she came back while the deputy was still there. She told the deputy she didn’t know what happened to the boyfriend’s finger but then changed her story and said that cut his hand “hitting a dumpster” and “punching furniture.”

The woman denied that the man was her boyfriend, but her own daughter contradicted that statement. She was unable to explain the marks on the man’s face.

The man told deputies that his girlfriend had gotten upset with him after they had returned home from a party. She started hitting him, he said, and he threatened to call the police. The woman responded that “she didn’t care because nobody would believe him because he was a man.”

She was arrested and charged with third-degree assault and domestic violence.

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