Summit County police blotter: Missouri newlyweds honeymoon in the clink after camping illegally near Breckenridge |

Summit County police blotter: Missouri newlyweds honeymoon in the clink after camping illegally near Breckenridge

Shortly after 10 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 14, Summit sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a possible illegal campfire near the intersection of French Gulch Road and Gold Run Gulch in Breckenridge.

Once on scene, deputies followed the smell of burning wood until they came upon a woman who looked like she was breaking down a campsite. Deputies asked the woman for her identification, but she said her new husband must have taken it with him when he went to town to get breakfast. The woman said she and her husband had just been married a few days earlier in Breckenridge.

The woman provided deputies with what was later determined to be a false name, but an accurate Social Security number.

Deputies first ran the woman’s name through the Summit County Communications Center, but received no records. The woman’s Social Security number revealed she had an active warrant out of Missouri for felony possession of a controlled substance. The woman was placed into custody and booked into Summit County jail on suspicion of being a fugitive from justice.

Several hours later, at about 2 p.m., deputies were called to the same location by a local woman who reported there being a campsite on her private property.

Deputies responded and made contact with a man who said he was “Jimmy Joe.” When asked for his identification, the man said he didn’t have any because he and his wife had been robbed at gunpoint in Denver before coming to Breckenridge to get married. The man then asked about the whereabouts of his wife and learned that she had been arrested earlier in the day on a warrant.

Sensing the man was lying about his identity, deputies went to the Summit County Clerk and Recorders Office to see if anyone had recently filed for a marriage license. Deputies used the woman’s name to search the records, since she was in custody and officers knew her identity.

Deputies found the license and discovered the man had, in fact, provided a fake name. Deputies then listed the man through dispatch and learned he had an active warrant out of Arkansas for manufacture of a controlled substance, criminal conspiracy, theft by receiving and possession of a firearm. The man also had a warrant out of Missouri for possession of a controlled substance.

Deputies and Breckenridge police officers returned to the campsite, but the man was gone. After receiving a call from a local resident, law enforcement officers were able to locate the man at a bus stop in the Wellington neighborhood.

When approached by law enforcement, the man said he knew they would be coming back for him. He was subsequently taken into custody and booked into Summit County jail on two felony warrants, as well as on suspicion of criminal impersonation and attempting to influence a public servant.


At about midnight Sunday, July 6, a Silverthorne man walked into the Dillon Police Department and asked two officers who were doing paperwork for a courtesy ride home.

The man said he had been, “Chilling at the LDT (Lake Dillon Tavern) all day,” according to police reports. The man said officers routinely give his wife a ride home and, since they make $50,000 a year, should stop what they are doing and give him a ride home, too.

The two officers told the man that they were too busy to take him home and recommended he call a friend or take the bus.

Minutes later, a third officer, who had heard the man yelling over the radio, arrived in the police department parking lot. The man aggressively approached the officer, demanding a ride home and cursing at him, according to reports.

The man was subsequently arrested and booked into Summit County jail on suspicion of disorderly conduct.


During the Saturday-night concert at the Dillon Amphitheatre, July 19, a man informed Dillon police officers the crowd was getting agitated because of a couple dancing in the seating area who refused to sit down.

After being asked several times to sit in their seats, the couple became belligerent with other concertgoers and “mooned” the crowd, according to police records.

When approached by officers, the man said he did not have his ID and provided the officers with a name and date of birth. The man later confessed he provided officers with a fake name.

He was ejected from the concert with a warning and an invitation to return the following week.


Shortly after midnight Monday, July 28, Dillon police officers received a call about a man who could barely walk sitting in the driver’s seat of his truck next to the Lake Dillon Tavern.

The man was attempting to drive away from the bar. However, the bouncer told officers he had previously taken away the man’s keys.

Officers placed the man into custody and transported him to detox.


Thursday, July 24, Silverthorne police officers responded to a domestic assault.

The victim, a young man, said he was at his girlfriend’s house when an ex-boyfriend arrived to pick up some of his belongings. The ex-boyfriend became angry at finding the new boyfriend at the apartment.

The ex-boyfriend challenged the current boyfriend to fight outside of the residence. As the two men made their way outside, the ex-boyfriend sucker punched the current boyfriend and continued to punch him while he was on the ground, according to police reports.

After a few minutes, the ex-boyfriend stopped punching the current boyfriend and left the scene on foot. While officers were interviewing the victim, the ex-boyfriend returned and admitted to starting the fight. He was transported to and booked into Summit County jail on suspicion of domestic violence.


Shortly after 9 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 5, Summit sheriff’s deputies conducted a traffic stop at milepost 3 on Swan Mountain Road near Breckenridge.

The man behind the wheel was clocked driving 51 miles per hour in a posted 35-mph zone. After deputies pulled the vehicle over, the driver told them he was speeding because he was late for a court hearing.

Officers listed the man through the Summit County Communications Center and discovered the man’s license was revoked due to being a habitual traffic offender.

The man was placed into custody and booked into Summit County jail on suspicion of speeding, being a habitual traffic offender and violating bail bond conditions.


At 11 p.m. Friday, Aug. 8, sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a patient who refused to leave the St. Anthony Summit Medical Center in Frisco after he’d been discharged.

According to reports from hospital staff, the man was transported to St. Anthony by Park County sheriff’s deputies following a driving-under-the-influence arrest. The man reportedly lunged at several nurses trying to provide him care and was disruptive to the point of making it difficult for up to seven health care providers to do their jobs.

When deputies arrived to take the man into custody, he went limp, forcing law enforcement officers to place him into a wheelchair after taking him into custody. It took several jail deputies to transport the man to jail for booking.

After arriving at the jail, the man was booked on suspicion of third-degree criminal trespass and obstruction of a medical service provider.

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