Summit County police blotter: Pajama-clad man confesses to ‘tripping balls’ |

Summit County police blotter: Pajama-clad man confesses to ‘tripping balls’

Police found an intoxicated man in downtown Breckenridge, who told them he had purchased acid from a neighbor for $15.
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Breckenridge police were dispatched to Main Street near midnight on Dec. 16 after a reporting party noted a male was highly intoxicated and possibly on drugs. The caller said the man was last seen near Jefferson Avenue, wearing blue pajama bottoms and flip-flops.

An officer located the man near Jefferson Street, noting he smelled of alcohol, his pupils were dilated and he had an extremely dry mouth.

The man told the officer he had taken LSD a few hours ago and had been drinking.

“I’m tripping balls,” he reportedly told the officer, and asked to go to the hospital.

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The man was taken to the hospital. The man said he had purchased the LSD from his neighbor for $15. After the man spoke to an ER doctor, the officer released the man on a summons and the man went to voluntary detox to start a treatment program.


Police were dispatched to the top of the gondola in Breckenridge for reports of an intoxicated woman the afternoon of Dec. 12. The woman had been kicked out of the base of Peak 8 for reportedly throwing things at people.

When the officer arrived, the woman was unsteady on her feet and smelled of alcohol. She said she was tired of waiting for the taxi. Earlier, an officer had tried to get her a taxi but she started walking away.

The officer offered to give the woman a ride home in the patrol vehicle, but she became angry and refused. When she approached the officer, she was taken to the Summit County Jail for an uncooperative detox. En route, she yelled and kicked, saying she had done nothing wrong and all she did was “dance on one table.”


A US Bank employee reported a fraud in progress on Dec. 11. When police arrived, she said a woman had called in to try to wire money from a bank account. The employee knew the caller was not the real account owner, as she knew the owner in person.

While the caller identified herself as the account owner, providing all of the necessary personal identify information, the caller had a thick accent and was neither able to pronounce the account owner’s name nor “Breckenridge” correctly.

An officer called the suspect’s phone number, and received a call back from a woman with a thick accent. The officer said he was with the bank and needed information from Colorado IRS forms. The caller provided every piece of personal identifying information for the account owner, even information the officer did not request. However, the woman was not able to pronounce “Delaware” or “PO Box.”

The officer later received a call from the true owner of the account. She thought the suspect was trying to get another one of her banks to wire over money, and was currently taking steps to counter identity theft.


A Breckenridge police officer observed a missing sign and damaged mount at Starbucks on Main Street. An employee said that the night prior to Dec. 15, someone had thrown a chair into a tree outside and knocked down the sign in front of the store.

The employee noted they had heard of other reports of vandalism in the area, including a back door being ripped off a restaurant. The officer searched the area for other signs of vandalism, but did not find any other than a missing chair from C.B. & Potts that was thrown in the tree.


On Dec. 13, two officers went to the Dredge Restaurant and Bar in Breckenridge for a report of criminal mischief. Between 2 a.m. and 3 p.m. the previous day, someone had broken one of the windows to the Dredge. Due to the small hole near the window, the owner assumed the suspect had used a BB or pellet gun to break the window.

While the Dredge does have a camera system, the suspect was not caught on camera.

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