Summit County police blotter: Roommate from hell lays booby traps, burns shoes |

Summit County police blotter: Roommate from hell lays booby traps, burns shoes

An argument between two Silverthorne roommates about cleanliness came to blows last month before escalating further to some unconventional forms of harassment.

The July 18 dispute started when a man became upset with his roommate for not cleaning up after himself or his dog.

The man said that he was going to put the roommate’s dog outside, prompting the roomate to come downstairs. The man then punched him repeatedly.

After the fight, the man spread broken glass outside the bedroom of the roommate, who subsequently stepped on it and cut his toe. The man also threw broken glass on the roommate’s bed and chair.

The man wasn’t finished yet, though. He then proceeded to “cut (the roommate’s) shoe laces and then burned his shoe laces and the tongues of his shoes.”

The man also threw away four of his roommate’s pint glasses and broke off a piece of his longboard, bringing the total value of damaged items to $154.

A sheriff’s deputy arrested the man at his workplace and charged him with third degree assault, harassment and criminal mischief.

Pick on someone your own size

A construction worker delivered some skate park justice in Breckenridge on July 26, punching an unruly man said to have repeatedly tried to skate in a work zone and then shoved a child off his board.

The man reported being punched to police but ended up being the one cited for harassment after an officer talked to witnesses and corroborated their stories with security camera footage.

The construction worker who punched the man said he and his crew that were working nearby had been having trouble with the man all day, who would not stop trying to skate in the work zone despite their repeated requests that he stay away.

The man was being so belligerent that “even the locals had told (him) to stop and one even broke (his) board earlier in the day.”

The worker said he started skating as well at the end of the day and then saw the man shove a child off of his skateboard.

Another witness who also saw the man shove the child said he saw the worker walk up to the man, punch him and yell, “You don’t hit kids! Now get out of here.”

The child who was shoved off his board said he had hurt his knee a little bit but was OK. He said the man had been harassing him and his friends before shoving him to the ground.

The man said that someone broke his board shortly after the construction workers told him to stay away from their work zone, which he claimed was not marked.

When he returned with a new board, he said a group of kids started harassing him and that one tried to grab his board after he fell attempting a trick. The man claimed that he chased after the kid and must have accidentally knocked him down.

After reviewing security camera footage, an officer concluded that the man was the instigator in the episode and that the construction worker who hit him was acting in defense of the knocked-down child.

The man was issued a summons for harassment and banned from the skate park.

Refund or ruse?

On July 27, a Breckenridge police officer was dispatched to a report of a possible fraud. The property manager who called it in told the officer that a man had made a reservation for September but later sent a questionable email asking for a refund.

The man’s family, the email stated, had been in a car accident and needed the $5,000 reservation refunded but sent to a different card because the original one had been lost in the accident.

The manager said he had not granted the refund or replied to the email. The officer advised him to contact the credit card company and report both cards as possibly stolen.

The officer then cleared the case, referring it to the Online Cyber Crime Reporting System.

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