Summit County police blotter: Stoned man’s dance moves not appreciated |

Summit County police blotter: Stoned man’s dance moves not appreciated

Jack Queen

Officers responded to a disturbance at a store in Breckenridge on the evening of Jan. 31, after an employee there told dispatch that there was a man in the store who appeared to be high and was “dancing in the back, interrupting business operations and causing other customers to feel uncomfortable and leave.”

Police saw the man in the back of the store dancing around and swaying while talking to himself. He started to light a joint but stopped when he saw an officer approaching, saying, “Oh, sh**” and putting the still-burning joint on the counter.

After the man was handcuffed, the officer asked him if he was intending to steal the shoe on his left foot that was still tagged and marked for sale. He said he wasn’t and slipped out of it as the officer continued to question him.

An employee brought another joint to the officer, saying the man had dropped it earlier. His other possessions were scattered around the register, including a small glass container with what appeared to be hash oil, a plastic joint container and a vape pen.

He was arrested and transported to the Summit County Jail without incident, although a report doesn’t indicate what he was charged with.

Squatter asks for job

An employee at a hotel in Breckenridge called police on Feb. 8, to report that a man had failed to pay for staying several days at a hotel. The employee told a responding officer that the man’s cards were declined, and he said he would go to the bank to get money.

That afternoon, the man went to a human resources office in the hotel to ask about a job. He was told that he needed to fill out an application, but he claimed that a manager told him he wouldn’t need to.

While an employee was preparing an application for the man, he said he needed to take his dog out but would be back. He did not return.

The man was issued a summons for procuring food or accommodations with intent to defraud.

Must have been a big barbecue

Breckenridge Resort Security reported a theft on Feb. 11, after a person drove into the garage of a Breckenridge hotel, pulled open an unlocked storage door and took a palate holding 17 bags of charcoal.

Security officers showed police a security camera video of the theft and said they recognized the suspect as an employee for a management company that shouldn’t have had access to the charcoal.

The case was left open and the officer intended to serve a summons to the suspect.

Oh, deer

On Feb. 8, Breckenridge police received reports of an iron deer sculpture that had been stolen during the night from a local business. The sculpture was estimated to be worth roughly $500.

Another sculpture had reportedly been knocked over the night before, although a responding officer concluded that had likely been caused by wind.

A maintenance worker showed the officer the spot where the missing deer had been. He said the sculpture’s feet weren’t well secured to the ground and it could have easily been “ripped out.”

There were no suspects, and the case was inactivated.

Compiled from police reports

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