Year in Review: Best of the Summit County police blotter |

Year in Review: Best of the Summit County police blotter

Man steals bike, accidentally sells it to victim’s boyfriend

A would-be thief found the tables turned on him when he unwittingly tried to sell a stolen bike to his victim’s boyfriend on July 30.

The bicycle was first reported stolen that morning and was said to have been originally purchased two years ago for $3,600. Shortly after the report, a man went to a shop in Breckenridge and asked if anyone would like to buy the bike for $50.

Another man at the store, who turned out to be the victim’s boyfriend, asked the man if the bike was stolen. The thief responded that it wasn’t and that he had gotten it for free off of the Facebook group One Man’s Junk.

The man then asked the thief if he had an ID. He didn’t, he said, so he instead showed the man a tattoo of his last name that he had.

The man then bought the bike and called the police.

An officer went to the store and recognized the suspect when the man at the shop showed him a photo he had taken of him.

That evening, the officer found the suspect and arrested him for felony theft, felony possession of burglary tools and criminal mischief.

About a week later, the man was charged with criminal mischief for breaking a window in the jail with his juice cup. Jail staff estimated the window would cost roughly $3,000 to repair.

Tequila-fueled Tinder date ends in robbery

A Tinder date turned into a debacle for a Breckenridge man who said he may have been roofied and burglarized after an encounter initiated on the popular dating app.

The man called the police after waking up early in the morning on July 21. He told officers that he had been communicating with a woman over Tinder for several days before they arranged to meet the night before.

The man said he picked the woman up on the night of July 20 and took her to his house, where the two started drinking tequila. He told police he thought he had been drugged because that was the last thing he remembered.

When he woke up, his cell phone, laptop, skateboard and backpack were missing, and the woman was gone. He estimated the total value of the missing items was $850.

Police contacted the woman at her home in Breckenridge and found the man’s backpack. The woman admitted that it belonged to him. She was issued a summons for theft.

Man driving high on horse tranquilizers thinks he’s in Greeley

A man in Summit County who thought he was in Greeley in September was actually just in a K-hole.

A sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to the scene of a car accident on Westbound Interstate 70 at around 3 a.m. on Sept. 16, where he found an SUV that had driven over a metal post and onto the shoulder.

There were two men in the car, and the driver appeared to be extremely impaired. He asked the driver where he was going, and he responded that he was “driving to Greeley.”

The driver’s eyes were glassy and watery, and his pupils “were approximately the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen despite it being dark outside.” He told the deputy that he wasn’t drunk and hadn’t had a sip of alcohol in seven years.

Still, he couldn’t keep his balance and didn’t appear to have any control of his eyes. When asked where he was, he responded “Greeley.”

Another deputy, meanwhile, spoke with the passenger, who said that he and the driver had been snorting Ketamine, a powerful tranquilizer that can be used recreationally. When asked how much they had taken, he said “a lot.”

While doing an inventory of the car, a deputy found 7 grams of marijuana and a vial of cannabis extract.

The driver was arrested and charged with a DUI and possession of an open marijuana container in a car.

‘Shady local woman’ swipes tourist’s pants and wallet in Breckenridge

A group of tourists on a bar crawl in Breckenridge told police that one of their own got his pants and designer wallet stolen by an opportunistic local on Friday, Sept. 16.

The group called the police to report the theft at around 8:30 p.m., about a half-hour after they believed the theft happened.

They told police they started walking back to their hotel after going to a couple of bars and on the way met a woman who gave only a first name. She joined the group when they went up to their room to hang out and also when they went to the hot tub later.

While at the hot tubs, the woman abruptly left, saying she needed to catch a bus to her home on the other side of the mountain. After she left, one of the men in the group couldn’t find his pants, which contained a Louis Vuitton wallet with several credit cards.

One of the men in the group described the suspect as a “shady local woman” with a long necklace and multicolored yoga pants.

Police checked the hotel’s surveillance system but it covered only the pool, not the hot tub area. The case was inactivated for lack of leads.

Texans steal weed from Breckenridge pot shop

A pair of Texans allegedly made off with a jar of marijuana at a store in Breckenridge on Aug. 1, after an apparent sleight-of-hand trick.

Police arrived at around 2 p.m., and a store clerk said two men with Texas IDs had come into the store earlier that day. The clerk said he placed five jars of marijuana on the counter while discussing transactions with the men.

The “smaller man,” described as wearing a collared shirt and red ball cap, made the first purchase, buying an eighth of an ounce of the strain Pachamama. The clerk handed him his bag and then completed the larger man’s purchase.

As the two walked away form the counter, the clerk noticed than one of the jars was missing, but he elected not to make a scene and confront the men as they departed.

Police viewed security camera footage that confirmed the clerk’s account, but there was no way to identify the suspects. There was no additional footage showing them entering a vehicle.

The case was closed due to lack of suspect information. The jar contained an eight of an ounce of marijuana valued at $40.

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