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‘Curse’ sure to please the entire family

Summit Daily/Brad Odekirk In Act I, Scene 4, Heidi Doppelganger (Brittony Corneillier) greets Harry Pate (Basil Stetson) and Etta Greenleaf (Myra Rios) the morning after they arrive at Castle Einstein.

FARMER’S KORNER – “The Werewolf’s Curse” has all the makings of a horror story: two villains, a hero and heroine. It’s even set in a castle on a dark and stormy night.Play director Rachel Pokrandt said don’t be fooled by the setting.”There’s a lot of very funny characters, such as a bearded woman, a mummy, a vampire,” said Pokrandt. “There’s also hilarious, adult humor, lots of slapstick, humorous stuff.”

The play is set in the fictitious country of Lispawania in the 1930s.Act one begins at the Castle Einstein, where hopeless romantics Etta Greenleaf and her fiancé Harry Pate are visiting to seek the doctor’s help with a problem, but, unbeknownst to them, they’ve actually been lured there by the evil doctor himself.The problem is, Etta and Harry, played by Mayra Rios and Basil Stetson, are vegetarians, but Harry has been bit by a werewolf cub and, consequently, has developed a curse that causes him to turn carnivorous when he is under the spell.

Dr. Einstein has ulterior motives to turn Harry into a full-fledged werewolf, while forcing his future wife to marry a monster. A good part of the play’s humor comes from Professor Wonder and his 10 character troupe, including Baron Biteronderneck, a vampire who doesn’t like to suck blood and Pearl and Opal Joiner, who are attached by their index fingers.Also adding to the absurdity, is Brittony Corneillier, who plays a convincing seven different characters, all members of the quirky Doppelganger family, including a village idiot, a cook, a maid, a housekeeper, a butler, a constabul and a village hick.

“It’s craziness. I average three costume changes per scene,” Brittony said. “I love the humor that each one brings to the scene. They’re all related so each character has its own personality and sense of humor.”The costumes are very bright and colorful, which make the play very visualize for the kids and everyone will be able to appreciate the heart all the actors put into their characters.”Very often we lose teenagers in the community. This is a chance to show we have unbelievably great and very creative students,” said Pokrandt.

The cast is comprised of 21 actors and 11 technical crew workers, who take care of essentials such as lighting, sound and make-up. The play is done in two acts and should run about two hours, including a 20-minute intermission.Nicole Formosa can be reached at (970) 668-3998, ext. 229, or at nformosa@summitdaily.com.

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