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Dan Ryder: Breckenridge bureaucracy

Dan RyderLakewood, CO Colorado

I have been a contractor in four different states and dozens of counties. In my 39 years of building I have never experienced a place to build like Breckenridge. The P&Z, the building department, the Historical Society and the fire district are as arbitrary and capricious a group as you could find. There seemed to be a free-floating set of rules that changed from month to month. Remarks attributed to Peter Joyce about his confidence in the latest folly of tree removal are stunning in its naivet. He believes in a selective lot by lot evaluation by town personnel to determine who can and cannot keep trees? This is an open invitation to payoffs and favoritism. How can you write an ordinance that is so open ended? My former residence in Breckenridge had a dozen or more trees planted along my property line but less than 10 feet from my neighbors home. Can your next-door neighbor force you to remove trees from your land that are too close to his house? Construction has dried up in Summit County, so now we have a make-work project for the town’s many inspectors. How many inspectors have been laid off lately? Generally what these inspectors lack in common sense they make up for in arrogance.As lovely as Dillon Valley is, I doubt that many residents in Breckenridge want to copy the look. I hope the citizens of Breckenridge let the town council know that the economy is in no shape for additional bureaucratic expenses.

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