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DA’s office is inconsistent

Sarah JenningsSilverthorne

I read the articles and letters about the “snowball case” with great interest. This case confirms that the Summit County District Attorneys office is a complete joke. To read that they went to such lengths over a snowball “that caused pain” is astounding to me after an incident that happened to a friend. While camping in a public campground, my friend was attacked by five men causing a double spiral fracture to his leg (because the men didn’t like the country music he was playing.) After $57,000 of medical bills, let alone, lost work, and pain and suffering, the DA’s office plea bargained the assault charge to disorderly conduct and the assailants (whom had a rap sheet including a previous assault) walked away with a slap on the hand. My friend was also issued a ticket for assault and the same plea bargain of disorderly conduct, which he refused and took it to trial. The judge found him not guilty of any wrongdoing and all charges were dropped. After the fact, he applied for victims assistance compensation through the DA’s office to help with the medical bills, he was denied because “he instigated the attack.” So, in Somewhat County you can bully and you can break someones leg because you don’t like his music, but you better think twice before you throw a snowball! What is going on?

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