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Dave Koop: Streamlined in Silverthorne

Dave Koop
Mayor, Town of Silverthorne
Summit Daily/Kristin Skvorc

Silverthorne has taken another significant step in encouraging development investments. We’ve accomplished this with our unanimous Oct. 28 town council decision to adopt a streamlined development review process. In recent years, many of our development customers have noted the challenges that a longer development review process can present. The new streamlined process maintains the integrity of our review, while also responding to the needs of the development community.

The primary change to the process is the elimination of the sketch plan review stage, bringing development reviews down to a two-step review process, as opposed to the prior three step process. The new two-step process provides an incentive for developers to consider a Silverthorne location for their project, while still providing the town council ample opportunity to consider staff, resident, and referral agency input on a proposed project. The streamlined development code is applicable for all residential and commercial proposals that we review, and we hope the new code will act as a catalyst for development in Silverthorne.

The new comprehensive plan and streamlining changes we’ve adopted in the last 12 months clearly demonstrate that Silverthorne is “open for business” and interested in seeing quality proposals from developers. Silverthorne’s revised comprehensive plan, adopted in October 2008, provides a new blueprint for the town’s commercial areas. Reduced parking requirements, increased building heights, and on-street parking provide new development opportunities implemented to foster quality development, including pedestrian-oriented development in the town’s core area. With many properties in our town core ripe for redevelopment, we hope these recent code changes will spur the type of quality development that Silverthorne desires.

The planning commission, economic development advisory committee, and the town council have all worked hard to create a comprehensive plan vision for Silverthorne that will best serve the community. The streamlined development code provides developers with a shorter time frame to implement the new opportunities available in the new comprehensive plan. Silverthorne now provides many expanded opportunities for quality development and we hope that anyone considering a project in the region will take a close look at the potential of a Silverthorne location.

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