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David Gray MD: We can do better on health care reform

Kathryn Corazzelli did a good job in her article on health care reform. I’d like to distill my thoughts on what I was trying to get across to her, and the public. I left the emergency room after 25 years because I became sick and tired of the increasing burden of paperwork and regulation imposed by bean-counters and bureaucrats, not to mention that we were sitting ducks for lawyers with no conscience. By opening my house-call practice up here, I took back my autonomy, which is vital to the practice of medicine.

My problem with Obamacare, really Pelosicare, is that I’m very afraid it will only impose more paperwork and regulation, taking even more time away from actually caring for my patients, to dance to the tune of people without an ounce of medical education. Its simple: Get lawyers and insurance executives off our backs and we’ll take care of our fellow man – we took an oath. If reform is so great, why have so many companies been given exemptions from its mandates? Why wouldn’t Sen. Bennett commit to being a patient in this system, when he was asked to do so at the Frisco town-hall meeting?

Please excuse my vehemence, but I have little faith in a 2,300 page law, that, by their own admission, few of our elected representatives even read or understood. It was politics at its ugliest; we can do better than that.

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