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David Hudson: Mayfield a false teacher

David Hudson

In his Oct. 30 column, Rich Mayfield tells us of his startling discovery: men are creating new religions! In reality, as Solomon said, there is nothing new under the sun. Since their creation, men have been rebelling against God and inventing their own gods and religions.

While the Creator is unchanging, men constantly change and bend, creating false religions to suit themselves. Mayfield repeats the oldest lie on earth: “You can create your own God, or even BE God, defining good and evil for yourselves.” Adam and Eve were the first to hear this message, and it is still being delivered today, even in our own SDN.

Mayfield contradicts himself, railing at the fallibility of men, but then extols his own man-made religion: “… communities of compassionate people who are experiencing the transcendent power of peace-making and justice-seeking.” Some men would define “compassion” to include killing the unwanted unborn, or define “peace” as the destruction of Israel, or define “justice” as forced redistribution of wealth by government. The abolition of religion and “transcendent power of peace-making and justice-seeking” have extreme examples in Lenin and Mao – how did their “communities” work out?

In contrast to Mayfield’s false depiction, Christianity’s foundation is Jesus Christ, not a fallible human being. The “un-Christian” behavior of humans does not change the message of Christ, but clarifies the need to follow Christ rather than men. No one can “reconstruct” Christianity to suit themselves – Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. False teachers like Mayfield have always been with us, spreading deception. The eternal truth of Christ remains, and this truth can be found in the Bible by those with the courage to look for it.

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