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David Spencer: Zipper lane idea flawed

David Spencer
Summit County

I hope you saw the Denver Post’s editorial Friday on the proposed zipper lanes, sacrificing Summit County and other Sunday westbound drivers for the benefit of east slope skiers and boarders. The editorial did question the safety and efficacy of snow removal and emergency response, but studying the report (online at bit.ly/dhlUEM) brings up other issues as well:

– If you’re in the eastbound zipper lane, you can’t exit for the entire 15 miles (accidents, breakdown, etc.?)

– Semis aren’t the only slow-moving vehicles that would encumber that one westbound lane – also motor homes, trailers carrying everything from horses, hay, firewood, hunting equipment, boats, construction supplies, etc.

– So those three lanes would help those 3,161 vehicles going east; what about those 1,893 (60 percent) crammed into one going west?

– It’s an Interstate highway, not just a commuter road to Denver

– Once installed, what’s to stop it from being used at other times? Thankfully the hardware is only good for expanding eastbound, but then …

– Cost? And where’s the funding coming from? CDOT is already challenged to provide minimal safety and efficacy. Have you ever tried driving in snow storms before 7 a.m.?

– The skiing industry is a part of the County, but not the only part.

Hope that you’ll keep the info flowing to Summit County on this potentially bad idea

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