Dear Marc Carlisle |

Dear Marc Carlisle

Chuck AbramsSilverthorne

America used to win wars. We won World War I with superior troops and technology. We won World War II again with better technology, better troops, the saturation bombing of Germany, and the use of nuclear weapons on Japan which resulted in peace. We broke even in Korea with a free, prosperous and peaceful South Korea. We won the Cold War as you so stated in your article. We lost the Vietnam war because our politicians and some Americans did not have the strength of character or intestinal fortitude to do what was necessary to win. We will probably not win in Iraq for the same reasons. I don’t think we need a different military, I think we need to decide as a nation if we are willing to do whatever is necessary to win wars when we get in one. Wars are and will always be ugly. They will never be politically correct. I would be interested perhaps in an article, of what your views are to what we should be doing differently to win wars. Our enemies clearly understand our lack of “commitment to win” and will continue there current strategies until such time as they defeat us politically, economically and militarily, unless we finally decide to whatever it takes to win.

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