Dear Santa (aka Hasbro Toys) |

Dear Santa (aka Hasbro Toys)

Lizzie AndersonDillon Valley

What are you thinking? I just spent 35 minutes opening, prying, and untwisiting dozens of wires attached to just as many plastic plates, (and I must mention cursing to myself), in order to “free” my son’s “transformer” this Christmas morning. Is this robot, plastic guy, so valuable he needs to have wires and plates attached to cardboard in order to free him? Or was he maybe incarcerated? If so I am glad we have freed him.Why couldn’t this transformer guy just be in a cardboard or platic box. From what I could see he was not at risk to break. He was not at all fragile. What is up with the “shackles and chains?” Sorry I just don’t get it.And we wonder why our landfills are filling so rapidly. This is indeed such a waste. I am anxious to hear back from you, dear Santa.