Dear terrorists: We shall overcome |

Dear terrorists: We shall overcome

Robert Gras, Breckenridge

Global terrorism is a horrendous problem. It may seem insurmountable. Yet we shall overcome.Threats – such as the current ones to some of our financial centers – come periodically. Some people doubt we can successfully cope with the challenge. Every age brings new challenges. As in the past, humankind, with the help of Providence, finds a way to overcome.Our government has been very successful in taking the fight to the terrorists. Afghanistan, Iraq and other offensive actions led by the USA and aided by our best allies have until now kept the battle out of our cities. Taking away terrorist training camps, taking away money and other resources and removing many of their killers by taking the battle to them is working well. In addition, our homeland security has improved greatly and will continue to improve. All of this has been a large step forward in helping us to overcome.For the long-term solution, we need to help make a change in the environment that breeds the terrorists. The Middle East is full of medieval societies. Modern technology allows them to see clearly what we have and they don’t. To be clear, don’t blame the victim. It is their doing, not ours. However, it is incumbent on the developed world to help these lagging societies enter modernity. Just as the U.S. assisted Japan and Germany and the rest of war-torn Europe after World War II, we need to now aid the Middle East. For many reasons this is a more difficult task. But we are up to the task, as proven by what we are doing in Iraq.It is important to note that part of the process of aiding lagging countries’ progress into modernity is letting them play a part in the modern global economy. When we react negatively to imports (i.e.. “They are taking away our jobs”) we are thereby preventing backward countries from advancing into the modern world and thereby perpetuating the terrorist breeding ground. Our economy and our society will continue to be strong because of, not despite, our free trade policies. Considering that 9/11 signaled a new era with brand new challenges, our government and our wonderful citizens are doing well in the war against terrorism.Home defense is strong and improving, taking the fight to them is succeeding, and we are helping Iraq enter the modern world. The latter not only will help reduce the breeding ground for terrorism but it sends a strong message to both the “good guys” and the “bad guys” in that region.

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