Debate coach draws inspiration from determined team |

Debate coach draws inspiration from determined team

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I’ve been an assistant coach for two years, and this is my first year as head coach. Candice Clauss is my assistant coach. It’s a hard job. Our season runs from September until April.

Due to budget cuts, we would have had to go to fewer tournaments. I learned to drive the short bus so we could save on a driver and gas. That seats only 14, so I’ve had to ask parents to help transport kids. The support I’ve gotten from the parents is awesome. They package food for each meet. They drive their own cars, and then they judge five rounds. I never could have done it without their enthusiasm for the team.

Every second of this hard work from students, parents and coaches is worth it. The skills these kids are learning will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

To be able to think on your feet and speak with confidence is an admirable accomplishment.

They thrive on presenting their ideas to a crowd. They can debate all the current political topics with knowledge. They’ve learned to cut an entire book into a 10-minute dramatic or humorous interpretation.

A study has been done, and statistics show that competing in speech and debate raises students ACT and SAT scores.

Joining our team has proven to be a life-altering experience for these kids. They support each other, even though they compete against each other. They are a group of people that don’t pass judgement. They accept their teammates for who they are. It’s a tight team. There’s no room for sore losers or bragging winners. I’m honored to be a member of this amazing team.

Winning is just the icing on the cake.

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