Debbie Pitman: All recpath users accountable for safety |

Debbie Pitman: All recpath users accountable for safety

Debbie PitmanSilverthorne

Re. by Andrew Hodel, letters, June 17

Rather than accusing me of spreading baseless fear, I encourage Andrew Hodel to read the article published in the SDN on June 8 titled “Summertime Shredding.” I was quoting local expert Matti Wade who said once a boarder passes the point of no return, there is no way to stop. If this is not true, then he is entirely responsible for misrepresenting the sport.As for “carving” and using the “big sticks,” I have personally observed both of these practices, so I know them to be fact.Since comparisons have been made to early arguments against snowboarding, I would point out that snowboarders are (1) required to have leashes, (2) on a run that is hundreds of feet wide and has one-way traffic, and (3) can stop easily, and when they stop their board does likewise.Regarding banning longboarding, I suggest you re-read my original letter to the editor. The letter simply outlines the missing safety features of the sport. It does not say long boarding should be prohibited.I agree the recpaths are for everyone’s use, there is risk to every sport, but all recpath users should be held accountable for observing a reasonable standard of safety and, as Mr. Novak pointed out in his letter, respect and courtesy.

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