Dee Anna Herwig: Land Title’s legacy |

Dee Anna Herwig: Land Title’s legacy

Dee Anna Herwig, President and Owner
Land Title Guarantee Company of Summit County

Dear Summit County community and valued Land Title customers: This letter is to serve as my heartfelt thanks to the entire community for the huge outpouring of support and all your warm thoughts during my father, George Beardsley’s illness this past summer. These are the times in life that affirm the reason George chose to hang his coat in Summit County over 40 years ago.

My father was the “Grandfather” of title insurance in Colorado. He had a knack for hiring and retaining intelligent, dedicated people who remain with Land Title to this day. He was a wonderful leader and will be greatly missed. Land Title Guarantee Company of Summit County will continue doing business as we always have over the past 40 years.

The majority of the Summit County Land Title ownership has been passed on to me. I am looking forward to maintaining Land Title’s superior standards of our title business. My dedicated staff and I promise to work harder than ever to make this new leadership a seamless transition. I am willing and able to make the future decisions to move Land Title onward to the next era of management and ownership.

Over my past 22 years at Land Title, my father and I were a good team. He taught me the technical skills necessary to solve title and closing issues. Together, we succeeded in managing a small but successful local business. We promise to continue the best customer service possible as it remains the primary ingredient to success in this industry.

Our entire Land Title staff continues to be dedicated to the community. We bank with our locally strong banks, give back to our local nonprofit organizations and volunteer for many helpful projects and fundraisers.

Thank you for your support and continuing to make Land Title the number one title company in Summit County.

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