Del Sharp: Wall Street’s fascist bailout |

Del Sharp: Wall Street’s fascist bailout

Del Sharp

Lately, the price of oil has been dropping, but coincidently, as our government approved an $85 billion dollar buyout of AIG, oil made a record one-day jump in price of $25.

Are the two events connected? You tell me. The markets recognized that the U.S. Treasury, with President Bush’s blessing, had essentially given the private publishing company, otherwise known as the Federal Reserve, the go-ahead to print 85 billion pieces of paper for the buyout of AIG.

Today we are being warned that unless we allow the Federal Reserve to print 700 billion pieces of paper to buy out failing Wall Street firms, our economy is going to implode, taking down Main Street with Wall Street. The small print is that it is $700 billion per incident and they are un-reviewable. Essentially, we will live under fascist rule by Wall Street.

Questions: What do you think will happen to the economy when 700 billion pieces of paper dollars flood the market? How do you feel about $700 billion per incident and unreviewable?

Please don’t reward the forces of darkness with this bailout. Even China and the UN are making rumblings about the need for an “international currency” due to the “instability” of the U.S. paper dollar. This has been the goal all along.

The consequences of allowing the Fed to print over a trillion dollars for this crisis are a certainty. The consequences of allowing Wall Street to suffer for their greed may or may not trickle down to you. We must call our political representatives to oppose this cozy fascist bailout of Wall Street. Our founding fathers tried to prevent the insidious destruction of a central bank, but we didn’t listen. We must stop this now.

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