Del Toro: Humans have right to defend themselves |

Del Toro: Humans have right to defend themselves

Lorenzo Del Toro, Breckenridge

A human being has a right to defend itself; survival is basic animal nature. Thus, gun control. Option 1, allow a federal government to “ban” both assault rifles and the ammunition that is necessary for an assault weapon to function. Sure, a few words on an obscure piece of legal paper might save you from being a victim of some psycho shooting an “assault weapon” at you. Option 2, “gun control.” Under “gun control” option two, everybody returns fire at the aforementioned psycho. Result? Dead Psycho; no victims. Just remember, under the rules of Option 2, remain calm, aim for center mass on the psycho, and blow his ass away. No trial for psycho; no funerals for those crippled by federal gun control laws. Think about it.

Lorenzo Del Toro,


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