Demchak: Time to start considering air and water now |

Demchak: Time to start considering air and water now

Sarah DemchakBreckenridge

Re: “Not everyone drinks the same Kool-Aid,” by Debbie Tyber, letters, Sept. 12While this eloquent letter was straight to the GOP ideals, I feel it is important to let Ms. Tyber know that yes, Romney’s agenda would have severe impacts on the environment. According to the Romney campaign website, this includes removing EPA regulations, making a “one-stop shop to streamline permitting process for approval,” amending the “Clean Air Act to exclude carbon dioxide from its purview,” and performing a “comprehensive survey of America’s energy reserves” (in other words, Drill baby, drill).As with his Republican successor (g.w.b.), Romney would change the regulations to benefit the oil, gas and coal industries, industries that degrade the environment and receive $5 billion in tax breaks every year to do so. Their tax breaks for R&D have led to the creation of even more detrimental practices (tight-oil and oil-sands); meanwhile, tax breaks and credits for clean energy would be repealed because, in the GOP opinion, they haven’t worked. Perhaps if alternative energy was given the same time frame and budget that fossil fuel subsidies have (over 100 years and trillions of dollars) it could succeed.Add to all this the fact that Romney would like to repeal our emission standards and disregard scientific findings that our domestic supplies will never meet our demands. If you believe domestic oil will lower prices at the pump, think again, it’s an openly traded commodity…the price will forever be determined by shareholders. As Thomas Friedman said “Just because we can’t sell shares in nature doesn’t mean it has no value.” It’s time to start considering our air and water now so that the next generations will not be left to clean up our mess.

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