Dems respond to caucus story |

Dems respond to caucus story

Don Samuels

I would like to respond to the reporting by Harriet Hamilton in the article “Local Democrats report wrong caucus results” originally posted to the Summit Daily website on Monday and appearing in print on Tuesday.

I was at the Caucus, and was the Caucus Chair of Precinct 14, and later when the Precinct 14 Caucus adjourned helped Sandy out with the numbers.

All of the precincts were instructed to basically run the portion of the Presidential Preference Poll first, and have a runner get the results to Sandy so that he could call the numbers into the State Headquarters before the Caucuses would finish up the rest of their business.

I can personally vouch for the mayhem in dealing with the unprecedented turnout that we had. From the numbers first reported to the final numbers, which I personally verified, it would appear a couple of things happened.

First is that for the early call into the Party Headquarters as well as the same numbers given to the Summit Daily, a computer was not used and one or more precincts were not in the early count. The early numbers had a total of 554 votes and the final tally had 586 votes. A math error would explain the reduction of votes for Obama from 384 to 365.

There is nothing nefarious going on here like in the Washington Republican Caucus where vote counting was halted.

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From the results precinct by precinct, 88 delegates will go to the County Convention on Feb. 25. At the convention a poll will be taken amongst the 88 delegates.

Thirty-eight delegates based on this polling will go on to the State Convention, where the process will be repeated to send the state delegate slate to the National Convention in Denver.

Remembering that at each stage, delegates are awarded in integer units, the division of delegates should more or less match what the original polling at the precinct level, and in the end that is what will matter.