Denise Bennett: ‘Simple’ solution |

Denise Bennett: ‘Simple’ solution

Denise Bennett

Mark Yeager is right! His solution to the big box debate is simple; especially when you apply the Webster’s definition of simple, which is lacking education, experience, or intelligence.

What if the original homesteading ranchers of Summit County had felt animosity toward the changing demographic of their community and suggested that new residents who like to hike, bike, ride, ski, raft or kayak drive elsewhere to do it?

No, I don’t enjoy the increase in traffic congestion, noise, trash and crime that has occurred in the last 26 years I have lived in Silverthorne, but I don’t assume that all of my neighbors moved to Silverthorne for the exact same reasons that I did, nor do I expect them to feel the same way I do about what this community should look like. I think it would pretty simple of me, if I did.