Denver Waterboarding |

Denver Waterboarding

Ellis Simon

Monday evening, we had to attend a meeting in Frisco. The Dam Road was closed, I know not why. So we hopped on I-70.

We crested the hill at 65 mph to find stand-still cars ahead of us due to the accident in Frisco. Fortunately, the brakes held, and we got stopped just in time, but the automatic braking system was singing. An hour later, we got into Frisco.

This has prompted me to add the following entry in Simple Simon’s Summit Dictionary.

Waterboarding: (Wat-er-bor-ding) Amer: 1. A form of torture where the subject is strapped to a board with head down and splashed with water to the point of drowning. The subject has no control over the process and is thus cowed into submission. 2. A form of torture in the high country where the Dam Road is mysteriously (and randomly) closed by the Denver Water Board. The subjects have no control over the process and are thus cowed into submission.