Denver Water’s imagination |

Denver Water’s imagination

It seems Penfield Tate, on Denver’s water board, has manufactured an “emergency” in his “fevered imagination,” so that he can unilaterally close the Dam Road. Where is the emergency? If, as stated in the SDN article, the 1974 agreement between Summit County and Denver Water requires “… an emergency …” before traffic can be halted, then it would appear to me that Denver Water has violated the terms of this agreement and an injunction should be sought to open the dam road, followed by a lawsuit against Denver water.

Aside from the above, if “… 8,500 cars travel across the road each day,” I would suggest the people in these cars are better observers for Denver Water of “suspicious behavior” by their imagined terrorists planning to target the Dam, then is their sleepyhead security guy who must be bored out of his skull driving back and forth the length of a football field each day.

Yet, Penfield ignores cyclists, walkers and joggers, baseball players using the fields below the Dam road, boats of all kinds using the Reservoir itself. Oh, and how about scuba divers? Is Denver Water so paranoid that they will next ban all such activity in and around the Dillon Reservoir?

Frankly, I feel sorry for Penfield, since he like so many other political appointees appears to have fallen prey to the scare tactics employed by our federal government security. I say to the County representatives and lawyers, let’s go after them and make them prove there is really an “emergency.”

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