Department of Peace? No wonder Democrats are irrelevant with this pathetic, stupid idea |

Department of Peace? No wonder Democrats are irrelevant with this pathetic, stupid idea

Let’s see S a Department of Peace. How pathetically stupid. And Democrats wonder why with every election they become more irrelevant. They think they’re not getting their message out.

I beg to differ.

The more these starry-eyed screwballs open their mouths, the less votes they get. So I say, keep it up, especially after 9-11, since we Americans are war-mongers who deserved to be attacked, resulting in 3,054 innocent dead Americans (and others) and costing our economy $750 billion, which affected all of us.

Denise Hughes, the spokeswoman for this joke of a presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, said “We have lived with war, violence and abuse for far too long. By establishing a Cabinet-level Department of Peace, we have the unique opportunity to confront the root cause of these evils and the ability as a society to build a safer world.”

What does that mean? Does she or her boss even have a clue? Can she or her boss be that ignorant? We’re not dealing with normal people. Saddam Hussein and his hand-picked successor sons are tyrannical megalomaniacs as evil as Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot.

Hussein kept his power by torturing and murdering men, and torturing, raping and murdering women and children, including torturing and raping children while their parents are forced to watch.

We are confronting evil in the only way possible to confront pure unadulterated evil. It’s called killing them before they can kill us, and if they could kill us they would. Does anyone honestly think you can reason with Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden?

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