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‘Deplorables for Trump’ banner vandalized in Dillon

The 4-foot-by-8-foot political banner, which can be seen off of Highway 6, originally read "'Deplorables' for Trump," until a vandal spray painted over the letter T.
Photo Courtesy of Charlotte Jacobsen |

On Sept. 21, a Trump political banner was placed on a fence located on private property near Highway 6. The next day, Dillon residents Lillian Bickel and Charlotte Jacobsen were shocked to find that the sign had been vandalized.

The banner reads “’Deplorables’ for Trump” on a black background. The vandal spray-painted over the letter T in black, leaving “’Deplorables’ for Rump.”

The pair immediately filed a report with Dillon police. The Dillon Police department said that if a person is caught, he or she would be charged with trespassing and criminal mischief since the land is private property. The department added that they currently have no leads, but are investigating the report.

Bickel said that when they posted the banner on the fence, they had feared someone would try to take it down or steal it. As a precaution they decided to screw the sign into the fence. The property does not belong to either Bickel or Jacobsen, but the former said they got permission from the owner to hang the sign there.

The $150 banner was paid for by donations from several residents, and Bickel said they do not have the funds to replace the sign. She said they will attempt to fix the sign themselves.

“I’m not sure we’re going to be able to succeed … but we’re going to try,” she said.

— Kailyn Lamb

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