Dew Tour Day 3: Red Gerard wins slopestyle, live coverage from Copper Mountain Resort |

Dew Tour Day 3: Red Gerard wins slopestyle, live coverage from Copper Mountain Resort

Jam-packed Saturday slate after weather delays

Editor’s note: Watch video coverage of Dew Tour competitions via the live-stream link above throughout the day, beginning with the women’s modified snowboard superpipe final at 9 a.m. As the day progresses, the live stream above will be updated with the latest contest. You can also find live stream links below.

Updated results: Men’s snowboard streetstyle final, 6:45 p.m.
In Friday’s 45-minute jam nightcap under the lights, Miles Fallon stole the show in a scintillating men’s snowboard streetstyle competition that saw a little bit of everything from the dozen daring riders. Fallon won the streetstyle title riding massive wild lines that featured everything from a springboard front-flip off the electrical box feature, to a huge air over the stairs feature to a handspring off the electrical box to a one-footed run that had an exclamation point of a one-footed slide across the electrical box

After his win was announced, Fallon’s friends carried him on their shoulders, slipping in the snow, to carry him to the impromtu podium the snowboarders made out of the electrical box feature. Fallon was joined on the podium by third-place Benny Milan and second place Rene Rinnekangas, a Finnish star who also wowed in slopestyle earlier in the day.

Other highlights of the fun contest were Milam’s switch backside 360 and switch 180 out of the double kink feature that won best trick. And though he didn’t land on the podium, Brandon Davis dropped jaws with his riding all over the course, including a soaring laid-out backflip over the stairs.

Updated results: Men’s ski streetstyle final, 5:45 p.m.
Mere hours after he took silver in ski slopestyle – and a night after he won Skier of the Year at the Newschoolers freeski awards show – Alex Hall of Park City won the Dew Tour men’s ski streetstyle competition.

In the 45-minute jam format, Hall utilized all options on the Red’s Backyard rail garden urban setup, including a backside 450 to 630 out that wowed the crowd.

After the pair of podiums and awards show wins all within 24 hours, Breckenridge local Jon “DC” Oetken asked Hall how he felt.

“Tired,” Hall said.

What would Hall do next?

“Probably sleep,” he said.

Hall was on the streetstyle podium with runner-up Siver Voll of Norway and third-place finisher Tucker Fitzsimons of Oregon. Voll was adept all session spinning huge rotations, including 630s, off of super-low rails.

Colby Stevenson, who also competed in slopestyle earlier in the day, won the best trick award for his 270 transfer to a pretzel out of one of the course’s rail features.

Updated results: Women’s snowboard streetstyle final, 5 p.m.
Two days after she celebrated her birthday here at Copper Mountain, Denmark native and British Columbia resident Maria Thomsen won the women’s snowboard streetstyle competition Saturday night.

Thomsen won in a contest where the seven female street riders leveled up on each other with switch trick after switch trick over the final 15 minutes of the competition. One of Thomsen’s strongest tricks that led her to the win in the rail jam format was a switch backside lipslide through one of the rail features.

Alexis Roland finished in second place and won best trick on the strength of her lipslide 270 out. And Emma Crosby earned the third-place podium spot.

Updated results: Women’s ski streetstyle final, 4:15 p.m.

As dusk fell at Copper Mountain Resort Saturday, Norwegian freeski star and five-time X Games medalist Johanne Killi took her skills to the streets in the Red’s Backyard rail garden at Woodward Copper’s Mountain Park.

Killi won the competition on the strength of what the judges’ deemed the best trick in the rail-jam competition: a front-swap transfer of the closeout rail feature with a pretzel 270 out.

“It was so much fun to shred with all the girls,” Killi said. “And such a high level. I’m stoked to be part of it.”

Taylor Lundquist of Park City finished in third place while second place Mathilde Gremaud of Switzerland finished third with a performance heavy on variety in her lines through the urban streetstyle course.

Saturday’s competition also featured a pair of Summit locals in Brooke Potter and Nadia Gonzales, who won the Girls Who Ride Streetstyle competition to earn her way into the competition versus the world’s best.

Gonzales won the 40-minute G.W.R. ski jam by focusing on hitting every feature in the urban course, including a frontside 450 on the tall diamond rail at the center of the course.

“The vibe was really nice after having two days of an intense blizzard,” Gonzales said after the G.W.R. win. “It’s really awesome to see the sunshine, perfect weather, and everybody seemed to be really stoked. I’m excited to ski with all my friends and personal heroes in the pro division.”

Updated results: Men’s ski slopestyle final, 2:15 p.m.

After nervously watching 14 skiers drop in after he was done for the day, Norwegian skier Christian Nummedal held on and won Saturday afternoon’s men’s ski slopestyle competition with a score of 94.00. Nummedal earned the score with a line through the Woodward Copper Central Park slopestyle course that included a leftside 450 onto and off of the first rail feature.

On the second rail feature, Nummedal landed switch 270s in both directions to showcase his rail riding versatility. After continuing his momentum through the third rail feature, Nummedal landed a frontside 450 off of the cannon rail into the jumps portion of the course.

On the jumps, Nummedal began by landing a rightside double-cork 1260 switch, skiing backward into the second jump, where he landed a massive switch 1260 with a mute and Japan double-grab toward the bottom of the landing. Keeping speed into the third and final jump, the Norwegian landed a double-cork 1440 to sew up the run.

“It was definitely nerveracking but I just had so much fun watching everyone kill it,” he said after his first Dew Tour podium. “I can’t believe how many bullets I just dodged. It was insane. …I can’t believe this. I got in here as a third alternate and was lucky enough to compete. I can’t believe what just happened. It’s unreal. I’m so happy.”

Nummedal’s 94.00 was joined on the podium by American Alex Hall’s 93.33 on his second run. Hall laced a flowy line on the second-to-last rail feature concluded with a 450 off before he landed a 270 onto and a 450 off of the canon rail into the jumps course.

In the jumps, Hall began with a powerful double-cork 1260 with a mute grab before skiing switch into a rightside double-cork 1080. Skiing switch again into the money booter, Hall landed a 1440 with his trademark new “Buick grab,” a grab that requires him to combine elements of a seatbelt grab and a Japan grab. It looks like he is putting a seatbelt on in the car as he reaches from right to left across his body to grab the backside of his left ski with two hands.

Nummedal and Hall were joined on the podium by Switzerland’s Andri Ragettli (92.66).

Update 1:55 p.m.: Men’s snowboard slopestyle final results

Red Gerard officially takes first. Read our full feature story on Red’s win here.

Final results:

1.) Red Gerard, 97.33
2.) Brock Crouch 95.66
3.) Stale Sandbech, 94.00

Red Gerard hugs family, friends and fellow competitors after he received a 97.33 on his second and final run to retake first place at the Dew Tour men’s snowboard slopestyle final Saturday at Dew Tour at Copper Mountain Resort. (Photo by Antonio Olivero)
Antonio Olivero /

Red landed a switch backside triple cork 1440 on the final jump to earn that score and win.

Red Gerard sits on Stale’s shoulders after it was announced he won. (Photo by Antonio Olivero)
Antonio Olivero /

Update 1:40 p.m.: Men’s snowboard slopestyle final (final results pending)

Rene Rinnekangas of Finland just landed a run scored 93.66 to bump up into second. And Sven Thorgren of Sweden lands a 93.33 to bump up into third. Red’s first run score was 93.00, now in fourth.

Update 1:30 p.m.: Men’s snowboard slopestyle final (final results pending)

Red Gerard’s good friend Brock Crouch of California bumped Red off the top spot with a 95.66-point second and final run. Crouch did so with a run that featured a stylish wall ride in the rails section and a triple-cork 1440 on the final jump.

After landing the run, Crouch grabbed his helmet with both mittens while processing what just happened, knowing he had landed one of the best runs of the day. Crouch’s good friend and Red’s older brother and filmmaker Malachi agreed, telling Brock, “you just bumped the kid,” referring to Red.

After he officially received the top score, Crouch said he decided to ride with “more juice” after a slow first run due to the packed-powder conditions. Crouch said his coach told him before he dropped in at the top of the course that if he was still riding without a flaw going into the final jump, to go for the triple cork, which he stomped beautifully.

For the southern Californian-native Crouch, it was a surreal moment after returning to the competition scene this year following an avalanche accident in Whistler, British Columbia, that almost killed him nearly two years ago and a season spent learning avalanche and snow-safety education with Red last year.

Update 1:15 p.m.: Men’s snowboard slopestyle final (final results pending)

After first of two runs for 17 snowboarders in Saturday’s men’s snowboard slopestyle competition at Dew Tour at Copper Mountain Resort’s Woodward Central Park, Ohio native and Summit County local Red Gerard earned a score of 93.00 to jump to to the top of the leaderboard.

Red did so on the strength of a backside 360 melon on the first hit, to a nose slide pretzel out on the flat bar. Then, Red landed a switch backside 270 bringback on the down bar to a 50-50 frontside 180 backside 360 out of the butter pad.

Red then rode switch boardslide on the canon rail with an under flip out leading into the slope course’s three jumps. On those jumps, Red linked a frontside 1080 with a tail grab, a backside 1260 and a switch backside 1080.

After he landed his run, Red’s family — who had dug out packed-powder benches with their snowboards to sit at the bottom of the course — erupted in applause. After Red got his score, he joined them for a photo.

Defending Dew Tour champ Stale Sandbech of Norway, came in second with a 91.33 on the strength of a run that featured a mesmerizing wall ride in the rail section and a backside 1260 in the jump.

Canadian star Mark McMorris earned a score of 90.33 — third place after the first round — with a run that had a three-inversion, four-rotation triple-cork 1440 on the final jump. The difficult powerful trick was an accomplishment for McMorris to land on a Dew Tour slopestyle course in Woodward Copper’s Central Park that rode slow after all of Friday’s snow.

The rider that follow McMorris, his fellow Canadian Max Parrot, was an example of that, as Parrot had a great run going until the final jump, where he didn’t have enough speed and landed hard and weird on his toe side on the knuckle of the final landing, rocketing him into a hard fall on his back.

Updated results: Women’s ski modified superpipe final

Cassie Sharpe won the women’s ski modified superpipe competition despite falling hard on her head during her second run through the pipe. The competition was without heavy favorite, Estonian teen phenom Kelly Sildaru, who dropped out at the last minute to rest a bruised knee for Sunday afternoon’s women’s ski slopestyle competition.

With Sildaru out, Sharpe took command of the competition early on her first run through the pipe, led by landing a 1080 in the traditional pipe portion of the course.

Sharpe’s first run put her in first with an 85. Then, on her second run, she tried to improve the 1080 with a cleaner tail grab, but Sharpe rotated a little short. The under rotation led to her right ski coming off when landing on the pipe wall, slamming Sharpe’s head and back into the icy course. Due to the fall, Sharpe chose not to drop into her third and final run, though she hung on for the win.

“I stayed on my feet the first run, after that had a bit of a crash,,” Sharpe said. “I’m just happy to be here skiing and doing my thing.

“It was a little challenging trying to figure those (modified pipe features) out over the week here,” Sharpe added, “but I tike this course better than last year’s.”

Sharpe was joined on the podium by runner-up and fellow Canadian Rachel Karker. Karker bumped up to second on her third run, gapping a flare on first feature, going inverted over the channel, before boosting a huge 360 on the side-hit into the waterfall landing into the pipe. The Canadians were joined on the podium by American-born British rider Zoe Atkin, who landed on the podium on her final run as well.

Updated results: Women’s modified snowboard superpipe final

Liu Jiayu of China won the women’s modified superpipe competition with a fun line through the Dew Tour modified superpipe on her second of three runs through the course.

On that second run, the 27-year-old from Secret Garden, China earned the championship score of 92.00 on the strength of a run that featured a frontside 360 over the modified course’s channel on the first feature. Then, on the second modified feature, a side-hit to a straight landing, Jiayu landed a 540 with a melon grab to set herself up for the 300-foot-long traditional pipe portion of the course.

In the pipe, Jiayu followed up the 540 with a big frontside 720. Holding her heel edge on that landing, she landed a switch (riding backward) 720 to jump American Maddie Mastro for first place.

“I think I just got really excited this morning after the powder day,” Jiayu said, “and today we are doing Dew Tour competitions, and all of the features make me excited. So I scheduled step by step and then do the most style and fun I can do. And on the second feature I did a 5(40), I never did that in the training. I just feel like, ‘I could do it.'”

Mastro finished in second place with a 90-point score on her first run which, in a lot of ways, was a warm-up run for the second and third runs she couldn’t land on.

In the pipe, Mastro set up the rest of her run with a method air on her first hit before landing a backside 540 on the second hit. That second hit seemed to be the spot where Mastro was planning to try her twice-inverted double crippler, a trick only she is the only women’s snowboarder to ever land in a pipe. But Mastro struggled with that channel hit on her following two runs and never got the chance, ending up runner-up again at Copper.

Spaniard Queralt Castellet finished in third place with a score of 77.33 on her third and final run, which included a pair of 900s in the pipe after entering with a straight air after alley oop.

Original story:

COPPER MOUNTAIN – After nearly three feet of snow dumped on Copper Mountain Resort the past two days, Dew Tour is ready to rock-and-roll with a massive slate of competitions on Saturday.

The action will begin at 9 a.m. with the women’s modified snowboard superpipe and won’t stop until after the men’s snowboard streetstyle final concludes after 7 p.m., eight contests in total from the modified superpipe, to slopestyle to streetstyle courses.

In the modified pipe, American slopestyle and big air legend Jamie Anderson will compete. And without American star Chloe Kim, Anderson will look to knock off top American halfpipe contender Maddie Mastro, international stars in Queralt Castellet of Spain, Jiayu Liu of China and Haruna Matsumoto of Japan.

Afterward, on the ski side, Estonian teen phenom Kelly Sildaru is the unquestioned queen of women’s freeskiing, dominant in both the halfpipe and slopestyle courses. That makes it that much more interesting to see what she might have in store for Dew Tour’s modified superpipe, which many athletes refer to as “pipestyle” over traditional halfpipe.

LIVE: Powder-day storm overtakes Dew Tour at Copper Mountain Resort, causes schedule changes. Summit locals to drop in to adaptive banked slalom course at 12:30 p.m. Go to for all of Summit Daily’s extensive coverage.#DewTour #PowderDay #ExploreSummit

Posted by Summit Daily News on Friday, February 7, 2020

But after Sildaru narrowly edged Canada’s Cassie Sharpe at X Games, the prideful and high-flying Canadian surely will have all the motivation to capture a Dew Tour championship.

Out on the slope course, Norwegian and defending champ Stale Sandbech has to be a favorite along with Canada’s Mark McMorris and Max Parrot , who both look to make up for slope struggles at X Games.

As for men’s ski slope, the top contenders are 22-year-old Colby Stevenson of Park City and Andri Ragettli of Switzerland, who just topped Stevenson last weekend to win the Land Rover U.S. Grand Prix at Mammoth Mountain in California.

As for Stevenson, he won the inaugural ski knuckle huck and ski slopestyle at his rookie appearance at X Games Aspen last month. Top contenders like McEachran don’t look at him as a rookie — the defending Dew Tour champion described Stevenson as “the greatest skier in the world for the past couple of years” after the X Games slopestyle final.

Dew Tour men's adaptive slalom podium describes competing on pow day

At Friday's Dew Tour action the adaptive banked slalom was the only event to go off due to the truly epic powder-day conditions. Despite the gusty winds and snow-filled slalom course, Owen Pick of England, Matti Suur-Hamari of Finland and Keith Gabel of Aspen finished atop the podium. Go to for all of Summit Daily’s extensive coverage. #DewTour #PowderDay #ExploreSummit

Posted by Summit Daily News on Friday, February 7, 2020


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