Dew Tour Day 4: Live streams, updated coverage from Copper Mountain Resort

Editor’s note: Watch video coverage of Dew Tour competitions via the live-stream link above throughout the day, beginning with the men’s ski superpipe final at 9 a.m. As the day progresses, the live stream above will be updated with the latest contest. You can also find live stream links below. Contests may also be postponed or canceled due to Sunday’s latest batch of weather.


Women’s ski slopestyle final, 2:30 p.m.

With Sunday’s storm picking up intensity right as the contest was about to start, a group of eight of the world’s best female slopestyle skiers convened and agreed to only hit the rails section of the Dew Tour slopestyle course at Copper Mountain Resort Sunday. The contest group was without Estonian teen phenom Kelly Sildaru, who did not compete due to a bruised knee suffered earlier in the week, and talented skier Sarah Hoefflin of Switzerland, who was a last-minute drop.

On the rails-only course, Swiss 20-year-old Mathilde Gremaud won the competition with a score of 94.66 on her second run. On that second run, Gremaud did a great job of riding each rail fully and cleanly. She landed several different variations of 270-degree rotations onto and off of rails before completing her run with a frontside 450 off of the canon rail at the bottom of the abbreviated course.

“I definitely wanted to do a front(side) 6(30) out of the last one,” Gremaud said, “but I felt a little slow so I was like, ‘might as well try to land clean a front(side) 4(50). And otherwise, what I remember is landing all I wanted.”

Gremaud landed her eventual Dew Tour-winning run immediately after Norwegian 22-year-old Johanne Killi overtook first with a second run score of 93.33. On that run, Killi began with a 270 to switch landing before skiing switch onto the next rail with a backside 270 out.

Killi then executed a blindside switch up on the next rail before another 270 out of the next rail feature. Killi’s back-to-back 270s set her up for the final feature on the couse, where she got a 630 around off the cannon rail to a switch landing.

U.S. skier Maggie Voisin joined them on the podium with her third-place score of 89.33 on her first run through the course. On Voisin’s first run, the21-year-old from Whitefish, Montana landed a blind switch-up up top on the course to begin a rails section she did a good job of skiing top-to-bottom of each rail. Voisin then threw a frontside 630 rotation off the canon rail feature at the bottom of the rail course to sew up that podium spot.

“I think we are definitely suited to skiing on days like this,” Voisin said of competing in the powder-day conditions. “It’s unfortunate we couldn’t do a full slope run, but luckily we have enough speed for the rails. It’s always a bummer. It’s not a full slope contest if there aren’t jumps. But we still want to compete, still want to go. So we are making it happen.”

Women’s snowboard slopestyle final, 12:30 p.m.

Mother Nature threw another snowy curveball at the Dew Tour Sunday, as five inches of fresh overnight snow and windy conditions led to the women’s snowboard slopestyle competition being contained to the rails portion of the course. That meant the best women’s slopestyle snowboarders in the world didn’t hit the jumps at Woodward Copper’s Central Park.

In the end, American legend Jamie Anderson followed up her gold-medal winning run at X Games Aspen’s slopestyle competition last month with a win at Copper Mountain Sunday. Anderson did so with a 92.66 on her third and final run through the course despite taking a tough, forceful tumble on her first run through the rails.

Japanese rider Miyabi Ontisuka, 21, gave Anderson a run for her money, though, with a first run through the course that earned her a 91.66. And Austrian star Anna Gasser ended up on the podium with an 88.00 despite the fact that the big air specialist wasn’t able to hit the jumps to improve her score.

Men’s snowboard modified superpipe final

11:13 a.m.

Read the full feature story on James’ Dew Tour win here

After the first round of runs at the Dew Tour men’s modified superpipe competition, Australian star Scotty James made a statement that he’s here to extend his 10-contest winning streak. James topped the first round of runs with a 95.33 on the strength of a switch backside Michalchuk on the first modified feature to a cab double-cork 900 on the second side-hit modified feature leading into the traditional pipe portion of the course.

In the pipe, James checked his speed before going big on a frontside double-cork 1260 to a backside double-cork 1260. James’ score after that performance was ahead of Japan’s Yuto Totsuka (92.00) and Jan Scherrer of Switzerland (90.00).

11:31 a.m.

James holds onto the lead after the second of three runs in the pipe. His second run was similar to his first, but he added in a switch backside double 1080 at the top of the pipe before another 1260 at the bottom. On the second run, James was awarded a 94.00, the second-highest score of the day for any competitor and ahead of second-place rider Yuto Totsuka of Japan.

After James landed his run, American rider Danny Davis, who just bumped up into fifth place with his second run, turned to slopestyle runner-up Brock Crouch and said “animal” referring to James’ flawless, powerful lines through the tricky modified superpipe course.

11:51 a.m.

James wins. He’s 11-0 in pipe competitions since his Olympic bronze medal in Pyeongchang, South Korea in 2018.

Men’s ski modified superpipe final

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It was a wild men’s ski modified superpipe competition at Dew Tour’s final day Sunday morning, one complete with skis coming undone on landings and broken bindings.

In the end, Canadian 27-year-old Noah Bowman won with a 95-point score on his third and final run to leapfrog Gus Kenworthy of Telluride for first place. Bowman’s run stood out for its huge vertical amplitude and massive distance he traveled in the air down the pipe. Bowman transitioned from the modified portion of the course to the traditional pipe portion with a forward diving flare 540. He then boosted backward to ski switch into the pipe where he landed a pair of switch double-cork variations in the pipe with an alley-oop double 900 as well.

“I’ve really been trying to do my own thing within the realm of what we could push,” Bowman said of the inventive switch-heavy run he skied through the pipe. “I couldn’t be more hype. This is a dream come true. Honestly, a dream come true. …I think I just like to try to do something a little different. When I see forward tricks it makes me want to do switch stuff.

Kenworthy, an American Olympic medalist who now rides for Great Britain, had a redemptive day in the pipe on Sunday after struggling Saturday on the slopestyle course. Despite his recent struggles in big competitions like Dew Tour, the 28-year-old grabbed command of the competition early with an 84.66 as the first skier to drop into the pipe, which had him in second place position going into his second fun. On that second run, Kenworthy sent it even bigger, earning a 92.66 and first-place position with a run through the pipe that included an allley oop flat spin in the modified portion of the course before a rightside 1080 and a soaring switch 1260 at the bottom of pipe.

“I was really really stoked,” Kenworthy said. “I just wanted to put one down first run and hopefully gain some momentum confident. …Honestly I did everything I could. I’m happy with my performance.”

Young Nico Porteous of New Zealand finished in third with a score of 88 on his first run that was powered by a huge, powerful 1440 on the quarter-pipe transition hit that flows from the modified portion of the course into the traditional pipe.

Birk Irving, 20, of Winter Park, was the top scoring American on the day with an 87.33 on his final run through the pipe. On that run, Irving laced a line that featured an alley oop flat-spin 540 on the first modified feature into an impressive double-cork 1260 on the side-hit transition waterfalling into the pipe portion of the course. In the pipe, Irving landed his trademark double flat-spin 720 switch, or backward, before executing a 900.

Defending Dew Tour champion and X Games Aspen gold medalist Alex Ferreira of Aspen finished in fifth place with a score of 85.00 on the strength of a run that included a 540 with a tail grab up top on the first feature before he executed a rightside double flat-spin with a Japan grab on the side hit transitioning into the pipe portion. In the pipe, Ferreira sent a massive double-cork 1440 with a mute grab, holding his edge on the switch landing, before launching and landing a rightside 900 switch.

“It’s so different,” Ferreira said of the modified pipe contest compared to traditional halfpipe. “We’re audibiling the whole time.”

Fresh off of a dominating performance at the Mammoth Mountain Grand Prix, Aaron Blunck of Crested Butte had maybe the most interesting run of the day on a day full of wild lines through the pipe. Blunck on his final trip down aired up to a switch ride at the top of the first modified feature, landing a switch 360 down before launching a big switch double-cork 720, holding his edge to transition into the pipe.

In the pipe, Blunck landed a switch rightside 720 and a double flat-spin 900 to set up the speed for his double cork 1260 with a tail grab on his last hit. Blunck landed the trick but, a run after he lost a ski higher up in the pipe, he landed the trick seamlessly despite his right ski coming off, skiing on one foot into the corral. Though Blunck wowed the crowd more than any other skier with that landing he earned an 84.33 for sixth.

LIVE: Powder-day storm overtakes Dew Tour at Copper Mountain Resort, causes schedule changes. Summit locals to drop in to adaptive banked slalom course at 12:30 p.m. Go to for all of Summit Daily’s extensive coverage.#DewTour #PowderDay #ExploreSummit

Posted by Summit Daily News on Friday, February 7, 2020

COPPER MOUNTAIN – With the world’s best freeskiers and snowboarders in town, Mother Nature can’t even hold herself back from hanging out at the Dew Tour all weekend at Copper Mountain Resort.

With Sunday’s latest batch of powder, Copper Mountain has now received just about three feet of fresh snow since Dew Tour began. That said, after some creative schedule adjustments Copper hosted all scheduled events for Dew Tour – sans a pair of qualifying rounds – through Saturday’s epic slate when Red Gerard won slopestyle gold in front of an adoring home crowd, Alex Hall had a day winning men’s ski streetstyle and finishing runner-up in slope and Miles Fallon dropped jaws to the packed-powder floors in men’s snowboard streetstyle.

As for Sunday, though, snow and gusty winds figure to potentially alter Dew Tour’s plans for the pair of men’s modified superpipe finals in the morning and especially the women’s slopestyle events in the afternoon. That said, check back here at our Summit Daily watch live post for everything you need to know about Sunday’s Dew Tour as developments progress:

As for Sunday’s events, the men’s freeski superpipe final is maybe the most loaded of finals at Dew Tour in terms of American talent, as there’s no shortage of potential U.S. podium placers.

Riding high on his dominant five-double-cork championship run at Mammoth Mountain last week, Crested Butte’s Aaron Blunck looked stylish as ever on the modified pipe at Copper Mountain during practice Wednesday. But the man who beat him at X Games last month and at Dew Tour last year, Alex Ferreira of Aspen, figures to have something to say about that No. 1 spot.

Other contenders to keep an eye on are twice-reigning Olympic halfpipe gold medalist and U.S. veteran David Wise, who is skiing well despite a broken femur in the offseason. Young Americans in the high-flying Birk Irving of Winter Park and the powerful Hunter Hess of Oregon also could steal the show, as could the return of New Zealand’s Nico Porteous.

As for men’s snowboard superpipe to follow, can anyone stop Scotty James? Maybe the modified superpipe can? After 10 consecutive wins in halfpipe events, including in the modified pipe at Breckenridge Ski Resort last year, it doesn’t seem likely the Australian star will be defeated.

Park crews remarked Wednesday how they could recognize James’ tracks on the modified course’s features based on where they were — signaling just how big he’s airing. That’s not a good sign for the rest of the competition.

But if anyone is to best him, Mammoth Grand Prix champ Yuto Totsuka is at the top of the list. A group of creative American riders, led by Danny Davis of Michigan and including Chase Josey of Idaho, Jake Pates of Eagle and Toby Miller of California, also will go for broke.

Out on the slopestyle course, Jamie Anderson will look for another win after her X Games Aspen medal last month is proof the 29-year-old is still at the top of her game.

With last year’s runner-up Julia Marino out due to injury, young American Hailey Langland also has the bag of tricks to tame this course no matter the weather. And then there’s Austrian star and defending Dew Tour champ Anna Gasser, who will look to make up for going home empty-handed from X Games.

And then for the final event of the weekend, despite a bruised knee Estonian teen phenom Kelly Sildaru will be the betting favorite Sunday on the slope course. Sildaru won this event in Aspen last month.

If there is anyone who might be able to knock off Sildaru on Sunday, it’s Sarah Hoefflin of Switzerland. The 2018 Olympic slopestyle gold medalist proved with her silver in Aspen last month that she’s ready if Sildaru leaves it for the taking.

Dew Tour men's adaptive slalom podium describes competing on pow day

At Friday's Dew Tour action the adaptive banked slalom was the only event to go off due to the truly epic powder-day conditions. Despite the gusty winds and snow-filled slalom course, Owen Pick of England, Matti Suur-Hamari of Finland and Keith Gabel of Aspen finished atop the podium. Go to for all of Summit Daily’s extensive coverage. #DewTour #PowderDay #ExploreSummit

Posted by Summit Daily News on Friday, February 7, 2020

Red Gerard wins Dew Tour slopestyle with best friend Brock Crouch by his side in second

U.S. skier Alex Hall wins men’s streetstyle, runner-up in slopestyle, Fallon wows in snowboard streetstyle

Canadian Cassie Sharpe wins Dew Tour women’s ski modified superpipe, Jiayu Liu wins women’s snowboard pipe

Alex Hall, Taylor Lundquist win Skier of the Year honors at Newschoolers awards at Copper Mountain Resort

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Dew Tour preview: A glimpse of this year's modified superpipe, streetstyle courses

Join Summit Daily Sports & Outdoors Editor Antonio Olivero as he previews this year's Dew Tour at Copper Mountain Resort (free to attend Thursday through Sunday) by taking a look at practice runs Wednesday from the world's best freeskiers and snowboarders in the new modified superpipe and on the streetstyle course.Two-time reigning Olympic halfpipe gold medalist David Wise joins us to share his toughts on the new course as he and other top freeskiers, including Aaron Blunck of Crested Butte, dial in their competition runs.#ExploreSummit #DewTourRead more about this year's Dew Tour at:

Posted by Summit Daily News on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Dew Tour stars ride pow Friday on ‘possibly the deepest day I’ve ever ridden on a resort’

Adaptive snowboarders ride ‘gently’ to tame powder-filled banked slalom course

‘Joy,’ featuring Red Gerard, wins Snowboarder Magazine Movie of the Year award

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Event-by-event results from Thursday

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Dew Tour unveils slopestyle, streetstyle courses for Copper Mountain

Woodward Copper releases renderings of new Dew Tour modified superpipe

Dew Tour to feature first-ever Snowboarder Magazine awards Thursday, Feb. 6

Copper Dew Tour to host 20th anniversary award show Friday, Feb. 7


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Olivero: X Games Aspen competition format an experiment in scoring

Red Gerard wins bronze in slopestyle, first X Games Aspen medal

Taylor Gold wins gold in new competition at X Games Aspen superpipe

Aspen’s Ferreira repeats as X Games ski superpipe champion in showdown with Blunck

Scotty James bests Yuto Totsuka to win third X Games Aspen gold in superpipe

Red Gerard qualifies to X Games final in challenging snowboard slopestyle elimination

Jamie Anderson holds off Laurie Blouin in slopestyle for 17th career X Games podium

Sildaru wins first X Games ski superpipe gold over Rachael Karker, Cassie Sharpe

Spaniard Queralt Castellet wins first X Games gold, celebrates grandmother Yaya’s 85th birthday

Breckenridge resident Taylor Gold podiums at Laax superpipe final

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Colorado kids celebrate opening of free Red’s Backyard terrain park at Copper Mountain

Scotty James bests Yuto Totsuka in weather-affected Copper Grand Prix snowboard final

Americans Blunck, Wise tame powder-filled Copper pipe to go 1-2 in Grand Prix ski finals

Red Gerard brings a ‘you get out what you put in’ mentality into new backcountry, contest season

Woodward Copper, Red Gerard honor late Jake Burton Carpenter with memorial lap

Olivero: Red Gerard takes us behind the scenes of the journey to film ‘Joy’

Copper Mountain Resort to host Dew Tour next two winters

Dew Tour won’t return to Breckenridge Ski Resort

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